So......who's it going to be?

6 friends go on a life changing journey while 3 get missing and the other 3 needs to settel and argument. then out of the blue finds a terrifiing thing.


2. I'll see

                                                                         Rachelle's POV

The bell rang for the end of the day for the last day of school. The whole group came running out of our class room. "yes last day of school summer holidays! whooo!!" Alex yelled all across the halway so everyone could hear her."Guys can I ask u guys something?" I asked the group " sure. anything" the whole group said insinque. "R u guys doing anything for summer vacation? Because my mom renter out 4 boats that can fit 3 people in each boat, and were going to be using them to go to a cabin and the cabin can fit 15 people so if u can come it will be my family and u guys.So u wanna come?" "Ill come.i have nothing to do all summer unless I go to summer school or get a job." Said Riley. " well go" the whole group said at the same time. Great well u guys butter go home now and get packing cause we leave tomorrow morning.


                                                                  The next morning>>>

                                                              Derek's POV

Rachelle"s parents were driving to the boats and in the car it was cramed!She only had  mini van and we had to squeez 15 people into that one little mini van. This was the seating plan:


Front row >>Driver (Rachelle's Dad)>Middle(Rachelle)>End(Rachelle's Mom)

Back row>>Me,Alex,Jeannine,Riley,Rachelle's sister,Rachelle's Cousin,Rachelle's Cousin

Trunk>>Rachelle's Cousin, Rachelle's Aunt,Rachelle's Uncel,Rachelle's Cousin,Rachelle's cousin

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