Don't Let Me Go

Alex Santeley Rodriguez believes she is alone after her family died in a car crash. Just when she thought that her life couldn't get any worse, it did. She is raped, Harry finds her but is too late to stop it. All he can do now is get her to a hospital. Harry falls for her, but how can they be together when she has lost her memory? Worst of all, when she finds out that Harry has been keeping something from her. could it be that everything that has happened in the past affect their chances of ever being together? Please Read !! :D


1. Unexpected Situation


"John, maybe we shouldn't be taking this route to the hotel" said a familiar voice.

It was my mom.

I automatically caught a sight of my surroundings, we were on our way to the hotel where we were going to stay. We came to Florida to visit family from my mom's side of the family.

We planned a trip to Disney World to spend time with our family. 

"Alex! Must you have your music playing so loud?!"

"Yes dad. Im a teenager, what more can you expect?"

I was on my iPhone, texting away & music on full blast. My brother was playing with his toys, my dad was driving & my mom was navigating my dad to the hotel.

It all happened so quickly. A big truck had gotten out of control and crushed into our mini van.

"John! Watch out!" my mom yelled. "Daddy what's happening!" that was my little brother, Chris.

A big truck had gotten out of control and crushed into our mini van.

I tried yelling at them, pleading for them to turn around & go the other way but they didn't seem to notice me.

The car had fallen flipped over multiple times until ending up in a ditch.

"Mom! Dad! Chris! No! Please, no!" i pleaded 

Once the police and the ambulance came, i saw them take all of us away to the nearest hospital. i followed them to the hospital, i was crying but nobody seemed to notice me. i saw my body, my brother's, my parent's bodies. They were both dead, Chris & i were in critical condition.

They led our bodies to be attended of as soon as possible.They took us into different rooms and started attatching tubes to us. i really didn't care about myself, i just wanted Chris to be okay.

I went to his room to check up on him, he didn't look so well, there were a lot more nurses & doctors in this room. the monitor started beeping like crazy, a nurse got the her feet and yelled for a doctor. 

What was happening?

"We need to try anything to save this little boy."

After they tried and tried, the doctor finally told the nurses that he was dead. 

"What?! No! No! It can't be true! He can't be dead!" I ran to my brother "Chris! Please! Please wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Please! Chris! You can't do this to me! Chris!"



Alex's POV

I woke up instantly, screaming my lungs off. Even if i didn't want it, this was my reality. My family was dead. I was the only survivor of that accident. I dread it every minute of every day. I was the only one who lived when i was the last person who deserved it.

I checked the clock, it was 5:00 a.m. Already mourning the death of my family, still no clue as to why, how i was the only one who survived the car crash. It's not fair, God let me live but now i have no family. I live in a foster home, i've been living here for almost a year and everyday i hate it even more.

One reason; the head mistress, Mrs. Stewart is a big pain in the ASS. I swear it's like she lives just to torture me, we never did like each other. 

She makes me do everything for her, im surprised she hasn't made me bathe her, GROSS by the way. Im 18, the oldest here, no surprise there. The second oldest is Hailey but she's only 15.

This morning Mrs. Stewart ordered me to go to the sore and get a bottle of milk, i always have to obey or i'll go without food for a whole week. I always take a long time to & from the store, it's the only time im free from that bitch. 

I see my best friend Erick walking by and take the opportunity to say Hi. we chat for a bit but i can tell he's distracted. I get the feeling of him staring at me and face him. I just let it go. 

"Well Erick, i have to go. Mrs. Stewart sent me to the store. I'll see you around though(:"

"Yeah, of course. Bye Alex."

Whenever i go to the store i take a shortcut through an alley, although this time there was someone following me but i couldn't make out the face of the guy. He was wearing a ski mask.

His pace started to quicken, so did mine

My instincts told me to run, so i did. The guy sprinted towards me, i ran faster. I was almost at the end of the alley when i was tackled from behind.

I started to scream for someone to help me but no one was out at this hour, it's only 5:30. I screamed and screamed but he wouldn't let go of me, he had me trapped. 

"Please! Let me go! Let me go!" i pleaded.

"Shut up!"

"Please! Someone help me!"

"I said shut up!" he yelled.

I could feel the man's hands trailing down my body, undressing me. Oh god no, please no. 

I saw him grab a rock and banging it against my head. That's the last thing i remembered, i knew i was already dead.

I got images of my family, Chris, my parents.

It'll be good to be back with them again... 



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