Don't Let Me Go

Alex Santeley Rodriguez believes she is alone after her family died in a car crash. Just when she thought that her life couldn't get any worse, it did. She is raped, Harry finds her but is too late to stop it. All he can do now is get her to a hospital. Harry falls for her, but how can they be together when she has lost her memory? Worst of all, when she finds out that Harry has been keeping something from her. could it be that everything that has happened in the past affect their chances of ever being together? Please Read !! :D


3. Getting To Know Everyone


Alex's POV

The ride home was awkward. He kept trying to make small talk but i just wanted to know what happened to me. Why was i in the hospital?

Suddenly he spoke. "Hey, are you okay?"

Without noticing i zoned out and he had a concerned look on his face. 

"Uhh yeah. Sorry i zoned out. Harry? Why was i in the hospital?"

"Alex, i told you. I cant tell you at the moment because the doctor said you can go in a coma any minute. You can't take any big news until the doctor says you're all better."


He let out a little chuckle. Why must he be soo cute? 

When we got there i was greeted by 4 boys. Very loud greets.

"Hey, my name is Liam

"Hi my name is Niall but people call me Nialler!"

"Hello im Zayn"

"Hi! My name is Louis!! Louis Tomlinson!!"

"Uh hi everyone." i said. 

"Guys can you be any louder?" said Harry.

That made me and everyone else laugh. 

"So Harry, when are you asking her out?" said Louis with a smirk on his face. 

"Shut it Louis! No one is asking anyone out!" screamed Harry. 

I was kind of disappointed..

I mean i don't know Harry but he was very cute. Wait what am i saying?! No i can't think about that right now! I don't know anything about him! All i know is that he was the one who helped save my life. 

I need to know what happened. I'm not going to look like a lost puppy looking for it's home. 

"Hey, Harry? Do i have a phone?" I said. 

"Uhh, no. But we'll go to the store to buy you one." he said nervously. 

"Uh, sure. That'd be nice."

We got into the car & were on our way to the store to get a phone for myself. 

Harry turned on the radio. 

A song named "Little Things by One Direction came on.

Harry seemed to recognize the song because he had a smile on his face. 

"You know this song?" i asked.

"Uh, yeah. I actually sing it. As i that's my song along with the lads. We're in a band called One Direction " he explained. 

"Oh, we're not going to be attacked by wild fans are we?" 

He let out a chuckle. "Let's hope not"

"Oh god." I said with a laugh.

*Harry's POV*

She looks so pretty when she smiles. 

When we got there we didn't get attacked by screaming fans like we thought we would. 

"I'd like to make another phone account & i'd like to buy an iphone5 please." I said to the attendant. 

"Sure. Right away sir." 

"Do you always spend this much money?" It was Alex. 

"No. But you'll be staying with me for a while so might as well get you everything you need." i said with a smile. 

"You don't have to spend that much money on me Harry. I don't even know you."

Ouch. That hurt.

"Look Alex, I know that you don't know me personally but i'd like us to be friends. I'm going to tell you everything. just not now." 

"Why not Harry?! I deserve to know! Why didn't my parents come for me at the hospital?! What are you hiding from me?! But more importantly, why was i even in the hospital?!"

"Calm down Alex. Please just calm down. "

"No i won't calm down!" with that she ran out of the store. 

I ran after her. 


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