only you understand

paige is moving away from her home in America to Dublin Ireland with her mom and her moms abusive boyfriend Tom once she gets there she realizes that she doest want to live with her mom and tom so she runs off crying and ends up running into niall horan


6. morning

Niall's POV

last night paige scare the living daylights out of me. but it wasn't her fault she had a bad dream but wouldn tell me what it was about...I kinda feel upset about the fact that she cant talk to me but that's fine for now because even I know trust is not given its earned. when I woke paige wasn't here beside me where could she be then I smell a very wonderful smell in the kitchen which was a room away. when I walk into the kitchen I see paige cooking...she must of ran out and gotten groceries while I was sleeping

Paige's POV

when I heard niall walk in the kitchen I turned around to see him smiling then he says "whatcha doing love?" I reply by saying that "I am cooking food for a very sweet boy" he smiles and walks up to me hugging me from behind and instead of me totally freaking out I enjoy it and turn around to hug him back. after im done cooking the food( which would include bacon, pancakes, and eggs) nialls mouth was watering so I made him a plate and within minutes he had the food down in no time flat. niall and I made small talk and then he says "that was the best homemade food I have ever tasted....maybe even better then me mums." I smile and say "thankyou" in a very cheeky way. then I tell niall my ankle felt better and niall was soo relieved to here that he smiled and said "that is great because we couldn't have someone as special as you hurt" I say "thank you" as my cheeks turn 6 shades of dark red and he just smiles

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