only you understand

paige is moving away from her home in America to Dublin Ireland with her mom and her moms abusive boyfriend Tom once she gets there she realizes that she doest want to live with her mom and tom so she runs off crying and ends up running into niall horan


7. leaving for lunch with the boys

Paige's POV

 niall and I cuddled and watched tv for a while until about 12:30 when nialls phone goes off like crazy he said it was liam Louis harry and zayn they all want to go out to eat then head to their flats and have a movie night. then he smiles and says "would you like to come with me?" I reply with a very vague yes then we get dressed and go to nandos to eat niall got spaghetti I get the same liam gets chicken harry gets a salad Louis gets a hotdog and zayn gets white pasta. we all eat and have a good time then Louis dumps ice water on nialls head and we all start to laugh until he puts some ice cubes down my shirt then everyone immeadiatley stopped laughing and said "oooh!!!" then I through some spaghetti at Louis and before we new it we were having a food fight on our way to the airport we stopped at the mall and bought a change of clothes. niall said that tomarrow we could go shopping alone because even though I was cute I couldn't pull off clothes that were 8 sizes to big well maybe not that big but you get the point. I told him that he shouldn't and that he doesn't have to but hes soo hard headed all he said was "I have more money than I know what to do with"


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