only you understand

paige is moving away from her home in America to Dublin Ireland with her mom and her moms abusive boyfriend Tom once she gets there she realizes that she doest want to live with her mom and tom so she runs off crying and ends up running into niall horan


4. going to sleep with niall

Paige's POV

after Niall laid me down he asked if i needed clothes to sleep in i giggled and said yes please so he handed me a pair of sweat pants and a big t-shirt then asked " do you need help with that?" i said yes please and he helped me take off my pants then he made a smirk and asked " do you need help with your shirt to?" i giggled and said no thank you he said okay and then smiled.

Nialls POV

after she got dressed i told her she could sleep in the bed and i would sleep on the floor. but her being so sweet insisted in me to sleep on the bed and she would sleep on the floor and i told her no every time then she said " well then will you sleep with me on the bed?"i said "yes!!" she giggled a little and i got in bed with her but before falling a sleep i kissed her on the cheek.

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