only you understand

paige is moving away from her home in America to Dublin Ireland with her mom and her moms abusive boyfriend Tom once she gets there she realizes that she doest want to live with her mom and tom so she runs off crying and ends up running into niall horan


5. bad dreams

Paige's POV

I felt niall kiss my cheek and I fell a sleep in happiness until I started dreaming about being home in America...I remember walking home from work and Tow screamed at me "where have you been you nasty ass skank?" "at work" I replied he gave me a dirty look and said "well youre not done yet...of you can be a prostitute while youre out you can be one here..but for free!" then he pushed me to the ground and raped me...I remember the pain and the very horrific things he did to me almost as if I could feel him punching me right now! all of a sudden I wake up and niall is asking if I a alright I reply with a yes but I can tell that he knows that im lying and then he says "you can tell me anything.. you know that right?" I start crying and say "im just soo scared" he replies "don't be I will protect you" and with that I start to calm down and fall asleep in his arms protectively wrapped around me.


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