Protect me with your love

Ever since her mother died, Emily is abused and raped by her father Jackson constantly. Until she leaves, she runs away and she meets the boy that helps her through the hell in her life. He protects her, and loves her... But did Jackson let Emily slip away that easily?


1. The runaway

I woke up this morning. I looked around the room sitting up as I rubbed my eyes I got up out of bed and brushed out my long brown hair, it was cold so I put on my pink sweater that said "Paris" across it with an Eiffel tower on it skinny jeans and a pair of pink vans.I hugged myself and said "I love sweater weather." Quickly I grabbed my phone and walked out of my room, I was on my way down the hallway whenever I was grabbed by my hair and pulled backwards "What the hell?" I yelled and then I was slapped across my face by my dad Jackson, "Stay here you little bastard!" He yelled in my face and then punched me repeated times in the face I felt the blood coming out of my nose and lip. He walked into his room and closed the door, after I was sure that he was in there I bolted to the door I ran hard I ran till it hurt and then I sat on a bench and I cried I was sitting by a boy I had never met before "Are you okay?" he said and then I hear "COME BACK HERE NOW!!!" I saw my dad running down the street with a knife in his hands "I'LL KILL YOU!" He yelled. The boy looked at me and said "Come on." And he put me in the passengers seat of his car and quickly went to the drivers side and drove off. I looked out of the rear view mirror to see my dad looking at me with a smirk on his face. We drove in silence as I started to cry he looked at me and said "Who was that?" and I looked at him and said "My dad." Then looked down sadly and kind of cried to myself. "Your dad?!?" He said kind of sounding shocked and I just nodded my head slowly  "Well I'm Harry... Harry Styles" He said,

"I'm Eliza... Eliza Azalea..." I said slowly looking into his eyes and thinking to myself "God his eyes are pretty"

"Well Eliza, since I guess you don't have a place to stay you can stay with us."

"Who is us exactly?"

"Well me and the boys" He said and continued driving silently. When we got to his house he let me out of his car and took my hand and we approached the door. He squeezed my hand gently and I squeezed his back. He opened the doors and yelled "We have company!" and four guys ran downstairs. 


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