Protect me with your love

Ever since her mother died, Emily is abused and raped by her father Jackson constantly. Until she leaves, she runs away and she meets the boy that helps her through the hell in her life. He protects her, and loves her... But did Jackson let Emily slip away that easily?


3. Falling for Harry?

I stared into his eyes smiling & he stared right back into mines with his big green eyes making me melt, he smiled & his dimples showed. I poked his cheek with my finger & he laughed, still looking into my eyes I stood up & he did too. We were standing right in front of each other he was still looking into my eyes, I felt hot creeping into my cheeks I knew I was blushing. "Are you blushing?" Harry asked me smiling, "No.!!" I said quickly and feeling my face getting hotter. Harry smiled & got closer to me making me blush like crazy all of a sudden, Harry's lips crashed against mines I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him back. He put his hands on my waist pulling me closer to him, I pressed my lips harder on his making the kiss hotter getting so close to him we almost fall, he walks me over to a wall still kissing me presses me against it and pulls my leg around his waist.

***AUTHORS NOTE*** So what do you guys think so far I need some new ideas I've kinda been procrastinating.!! But like comment tell your friends about it and I also need some more characters so you guys can try and get into my book<33 Love you beautiful babes


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