Humane (Liam Payne)

{BOOK 2 - COMPLETE} On the outside, Parker Harrison's life seems perfect. A loving family of her and her brother, Garrett and their parents. But behind closed doors, things are not as they seem. Garrett moves out as soon as he can, getting as far away as possible with the ability to still see Parker, leaving her to feel empty and guilty.

When she runs away from home, and her parents report her missing, the last thing she wants is to be found. When she crashes into Liam Payne, things start to change. He becomes an unlikely ally to staying hidden, and he opens up his arms to her.

Liam is desperate to find out why Parker is the way she is. And when he does, it's in no way what he expected.



1. Prologue ~ Liam's P.O.V.


"Hey, Liam. What did you need to talk about? You seemed pretty urget on the phone." My girlfriend Danielle said when opened the door to her.

"Yeah. We need to talk." I gave her a small smile and opened the door wider so she could come inside. She made her way to the couch--she was here all the time so she knew her way around without a problem--and a part of me felt guilty for what I was about to do.

Things between the two of us hadn't been the same in a while, and I think she knew it too. We just didn't have the spark we had before. Nothing bad happened, but things just weren't where they should be.

"I don't think is going to work." I came right out and said it. I had been holding this in for a few days now and it was slowly killing me.

She nodded and stared at her hands. "Honestly, I saw this coming."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah," She looked up at me. "I think is best for us."

I frowned. "I am so sorry, Danielle."

"Me too. But I'll always love you, Liam." She wrapped her arms around me. It was almost like this was a goodbye forever, but I knew it wasn't like that.

"I'll love you, too. Promise me we'll stay friends."

"Of course," she promised and pulled away. "Always. We'll keep in touch, okay?"

I nodded. "Thank you, Danielle. You're a wonderful person; don't let anyone tell you any different. Ever."

She smiled. "You too Liam. Good luck." She kissed my cheek as a tear rolled down hers and gave me another hug before leaving.

I sighed and slumped into the couch. Danielle had been an amazing girlfriend. She didn't do anything wrong and I hated breaking up with her, but it was what had to be done. I wouldn't forget her, and she would always hold a special place in my heart. She was a wonderful person and the guy that she would end up falling in love with would be really lucky. Danielle was a very witty and funny person, but since the band and I were just touring, we didn't see each other for a long period of time and it wasn't good for our relationship.

I'm so glad she felt the same way. I would have hated breaking up with her if she felt everything was going great between us, when it wasn't at all. Ending things on a good note felt better than breaking up with her any other way. The fact that she took it so easily made me appreciate her even more. It took a very strong person to do that--and that's just what Dani was. Strong. That was one of the many things I loved about her.

We'll move on. The two of us will find someone better for us, someone who can make us happy. Danielle made me happy, but things shifted recently, and the relationship didn't click like it used to. I really do want good things for her, I really do. And I want her to be happy.

This was for the best. 

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