Humane (Liam Payne)

{BOOK 2 - COMPLETE} On the outside, Parker Harrison's life seems perfect. A loving family of her and her brother, Garrett and their parents. But behind closed doors, things are not as they seem. Garrett moves out as soon as he can, getting as far away as possible with the ability to still see Parker, leaving her to feel empty and guilty.

When she runs away from home, and her parents report her missing, the last thing she wants is to be found. When she crashes into Liam Payne, things start to change. He becomes an unlikely ally to staying hidden, and he opens up his arms to her.

Liam is desperate to find out why Parker is the way she is. And when he does, it's in no way what he expected.



36. Chapter 35 ~ Liam

Chapter 35 ~ Liam

Get your shit together. Get your shit together. I told myself this over and over as I sat on the floor with my back against my door. Why hadn't she come back yet? Why hadn't she come running through this door and into my arms so we could work this out?

I missed her. God, I missed her so God damn much. She'd only been gone for a few hours and I was already a mess. I cried for at least an hour after she left. I cried because I missed her, I cried because I love her, and I cried because I blew it. I messed up, and at first I thought she was overreacting, but then I saw what she was talking about. I saw online and on TV that they thought she was using me for the fame, they saw her as some bottom-feeding gold digger and I wanted to throw my TV out the window. They didn't know her like I did; they didn't understand her like I did.

Liam Payne's girlfriend, Parker Harrison was told my Liam himself that she's a big fan of One Direction. Is she there to full-fill her boy band fantasies? Does that mean there's hope for other lucky fans out there?

I was about to go down to the studio and give that man a piece of my mind. But that would be rude. He's only doing his job, but still. They don't know shit and I don't know who to be angrier at. Them, for making her into something she's not, or myself, for starting this whole mess.

What do I do? I don't know what to do. When I was with Danielle so many wonderful fans loved her, but the others, who made her feel like she was worthless didn't get to her at all. She was so strong and no matter how much I offered to have her shielded from the fans, she told me she could handle it. At first, I was reluctant to let her be so exposed, but I soon learned that she was invincible. That is one of the many reasons why I admire her so much.

But Parker's different. She can't handle it. That was just the first wave of hate out of many she would be getting if she's with me? Is she with me? If she is, will she stay with me after this? If she left, I would be pretty disappointed for hardly even trying, but I know just how hard the fans can be. Their dedication is unreal, I know that, but they don't seem to understand that by making the person I love the most in the world feel like nothing isn't going to make me like them.

But I know some fans are wonderful. Everyday my mentions and inbox on Twitter is full with wonderful and sweet messages from fans. Those make me smile, but the ones that say rude and cruel things make me feel terrible, and I know that's what they want. But why? I never understood what any of us-especially Parker-did to deserve this.

I decided to call Harry. Amabel has to go through this, and I need him to tell me what to do. If I called Amabel herself she would say something about it not bothering her, but that's not what I need to hear. I need to hear that there's a way to fix because the thought of Parker in pain puts me in pain.

"I don't know what to do," I pleaded.

"I'm on my way. Unlock the door so I can come inside when I get there."

I hang up and do as Harry says. After what seems like hours the door opens and Harry steps inside.

"So where is Parker staying now?"

"With Niall. I don't know what's going on, she won't call me or return any of my messages." I whine, literally whine with my head in my hands. I want her to come back so much, I need her here. I love her.

"Hey mate, I'm sorry." He pats my back but it doesn't make me feel better.

"How does Amabel do it? How does she handle it?" I ask him desperately. There must be something.

Harry shrugs. "I don't know, honestly. So many people hate on her all the time because she's with me, and I know you know that-all the lads do-but I don't know what she does to handle it. Sometimes I think she may just break and not want to be with me anymore, because it's too much, but she doesn't."

I frown even though I'm glad Harry has such a wonderful person in his life. "Haven't you asked her?"

"Of course," he almost laughs. "But she says she doesn't let it get to her. It's one of the many reasons why I love her ya know? She's so strong and I know I could never be like that."

I groan. Why can't Parker be like that? I'm not wishing Parker was anyone but herself because that's who I fell in love with, but I know it's because it's who she is. Not a lot of people can stand that much hatred being pressed onto you all the time. I wonder how she's doing. Oh, who am I kidding? I know she's miserable and it kills me not being able to hold her. I miss her in my arms. After everything she's been through, she shouldn't be alone. It's not right. She's supposed to have someone to take care of her, and that person should be me. Why did I have to open my mouth?

I want to give her space; I need her to realize that I love her. Does she love me back? I hope and pray with every cell of my being that she does, that I'm not running off of false hope here. "What do I do?"

"I would stay away from her."

"I don't know if I can. I love her too much."

Harry pats my back again. "I know, I'm sorry mate. I would call Amabel if I were you."



"Do you just stand back and watch her get attacked?"

He frowned. "No. No, I would never do that. I've approached her many times asking if there was something I could do, but she said there wasn't. People don't like her for being with me."

I shake my head. That's so messed up. I thank him and he leaves, and as soon as the door closes, I call Amabel.

"Hey Liam. I was just going to call you. I heard everything." She greets me in a sad voice, not helping my mood.

"Yeah, I need to talk to you." I run a hand over my short hair and pace around.

"What's wrong?"

"Well, it's not like that. I was wondering how you deal with it."

"Deal with what?"

"The...hate." I clarify.

She doesn't say anything for a few moments before she speaks. "It's not easy." Her voice is almost a whisper. "At first I thought it would be okay to hurt myself since I thought no one cared."

Concern fills me. She didn't tell anyone this. What would have happened if she did that to herself?

"But then I sat down and thought. I mean, really thought. They spend so much time hating on me, making feel like I don't deserve to be with Harry. In some ways, I don't. Harry's so amazing and he could be with someone so much better. He said to me, 'Don't you think my love for you overpowers their hateful words?' and I realized, they are spending so much time on me, making sure I know they dislike me. It's flattering, really. They actually take the time to go to my profile and type out the hateful words. If they care so little then why would they waste their time on me? Aren't they supposed to hate me?"

I understood her completely. "That makes sense."

"Right? Remember in school how if you didn't like someone you ignored them and pretended like they weren't there?"


"Why don't they do that now?" She asked. I shrugged although she couldn't see me. "I don't take it nicely but I just have to remind myself that I have you guys. I only find hate if I go looking for it. Love surrounds me, so that's what I'm used to and what I see. Why would I waste time looking for hate or wasting my time on the people that send it when I have love and such amazing people around me? It's a terrible thing to do to yourself and to the people that care about you."

"You're amazing." I smiled, but then frowned. "But how do I help Parker? After one hit she was broken. I hate it, I hate it so much."

Amabel sighed. "I don't know, Liam. It took me some time to see all these things. I'm not saying she will act like I did-or do-but I hope she does. You get as much hate as I do, what do you do?"

I didn't think of that. Amabel isn't the only one going through this all the time. "I just ignore it 'cos I know I have more people that support me than those who don't."

"See? The people who support you should love who you love, right? I'm sure that people adore Parker. Why wouldn't they? Just focus on the positive 'cause that's the only that's worth your time. No one deserves to zone in on the hate, they shouldn't do that to themselves. It's not fair."

I laughed. "When did you become so down-to-earth?"

I pictured her rolling her eyes. "I don't know. Harry's a little freaked out by my intelligence."

It was my turn to roll my eyes now. "You're so wise."

"Thanks, Liam. I try my best."

"Thanks for this. I hope Parker sees how much I love her."

Amabel paused before saying, "Y-You love her?"

"Yeah," I said, flushing.

"That's so great! I'm so happy for you, Liam. You deserve this." I knew how happy she was for me. We're really close.

"Thank you. I miss her so much. I gotta go, I need to do something."

She hung up, and I opened Twitter, tweeting this:

Real_Liam_Payne: if you don't support those I love then you might as well not support me at all. (:

The fans were pretty surprised by my tweet and loads and loads of them told me that I was wonderful, that I could count on them. Some people were laughing and others were saying I was too stupid to see that she was using me but I did what Amabel told me to do and I ignored them.

And it felt damn amazing.

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