Humane (Liam Payne)

{BOOK 2 - COMPLETE} On the outside, Parker Harrison's life seems perfect. A loving family of her and her brother, Garrett and their parents. But behind closed doors, things are not as they seem. Garrett moves out as soon as he can, getting as far away as possible with the ability to still see Parker, leaving her to feel empty and guilty.

When she runs away from home, and her parents report her missing, the last thing she wants is to be found. When she crashes into Liam Payne, things start to change. He becomes an unlikely ally to staying hidden, and he opens up his arms to her.

Liam is desperate to find out why Parker is the way she is. And when he does, it's in no way what he expected.



18. Chapter 17 ~ Liam

Chapter 17 ~ Liam

Ever since Amabel told me that I should wait; give Parker the time she needs to tell me about her past, I’ve been going insane not asking her why. But I can’t think about that today even if I wanted to because this afternoon is when the lads and I are meeting with management to discuss what’s next for us regarding what we have planned for the rest of the tour and other things like that.

When our break is over —which is in a couple of days— we will start to slowly make our way through the U.S. and do loads of interviews and promos. We’re even collaborating with artists like Bruno Mars and our old friend Ed Sheeran for a possible new single. Every since we did one for Comic Relief, the feedback was amazing and we all agreed we would like to do something more since we have so many people and fans supporting us, which is great. We realized that since we are so well-known that we can do something to send a positive message and help others who aren’t as fortunate as us.

So that’s where we are now, in a large room with a rectangular table in the very center, with all of us and the crew and everyone in management. I’m sitting between Niall and Zayn, and we’re all so focused and all our attention is on Mary, our management director. Wherever we are, she follows, always keeping us on schedule. Besides Lou, she’s like a mother figure. Only she isn’t sweet, she’s extremely strict and I’m surprised that we convinced her to give us this long break.

“There’s something we need to discuss, boys,” Mary says, folding her hands in her lap. “Once this break is over you will have to work harder than ever before. You will need to focus completely on getting on where you need to be. Some days we have three interviews booked. It all depends on the city. So that means no wasting time, we have to stay on schedule.”

“What do you mean ‘no wasting time’?” Harry asked.

“There isn’t enough time to go to parties, clubs, and meet girls. In fact, keeping girls —unless they’re your girlfriends— is the best option right now.” Mary said, correcting herself when Harry glared at her.

“Why’s that?” Zayn put in. I nodded and frowned.

“You’re at the peak of your career right now, boys. Everything you say and do will be open to the public, and you know the media. They’ll make things up and give you a different image. I have to ask you lads to only be in the media if it’s for promotion. Don’t go on dates, or be seen with someone that you’re not already involved with. We don’t need rumors sparking and spreading.” She explained, and as annoying as that may seem, it was true.

“I can see Amabel still, right?” Harry worriedly asked, and Mary smiled.

“Of course, Harry. We aren’t going to not let you two see each other.” She said. Harry just bit his bottom lip and sat back in his chair. “The first thing we’re going to two is in two days. We’ll be doing a radio interview first thing in the afternoon, then an interview later. We’ll keep you boys posted, so have your phones with you at all times.”

The lads and I nodded, and then left the room, my thoughts drifting to Parker. I couldn’t be seen in public with her? How was that going to work? She didn’t have a car and I wasn’t going to let her walk around town, where she was at risk of getting seen by someone. But what Mary said was true; if Parker and I were spotted walking or driving together, who knew what the media would throw in our faces? It was insane the things they made up to make money.

“This sucks.” Harry sulked.

“Don’t worry, mate. You’ll get to see her plenty.” Zayn reassured him, slapping his back.

Harry was about to reply when his phone rang. “Is that Am?” I asked.

"No, it’s Ed.” He frowned. “Hello?” I assumed Ed was talking on the other end because Harry frowned and listened for a minute, and then covered his phone with his hand. “He has an idea for our next single and needs to meet us in twenty at my apartment.”

“We’ll be there.” Niall said, and Louis and Zayn nodded in agreement.

“Liam?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be there. Where’s Amabel today?” I asked Harry, an idea coming to mind.

“I think she’s with Parker at your place. Why?” The curly-haired boy answered.

“Doesn’t Amabel love Ed? Maybe the girls could come too.” I suggested, knowing how much Amabel loves Ed.

Harry smiled. “Sure. But don’t tell her. I want it to be surprise. Liam, you go get Parker and Amabel. The lads and I will meet you there.”

“See you soon.” I said, and jogged to my car, driving to my apartment. When I opened the door, Parker and Amabel were sitting on the couch and talking.

“Hey Liam! How did the meeting go?” Amabel smiled when I closed the door behind me.

"Great, thanks,” I replied, and switched the TV off. They started to protest, but I interrupted. “I need both of you to come with me.”

“Why?” Parker asked, frowning.

I grinned. “It’s a surprise.” I couldn’t wait for Am to meet Ed. She would probably start fangirling and who knows what. Anyone who knew Amabel on any level knew she loved Ed. She was always playing his music and when she found out that Ed wrote Little Things and contributed to our albums she almost fainted.

“You know I hate those.” Amabel grumbled, but out on her shoes anyway.

“Are you coming?” I asked Parker, who hadn’t moved.

“Fine,” she said, and stood up. “I hope this is a good surprise.”

“You’ll like this one, Amabel.” I smiled, and opened the door for them, making our way to Harry’s apartment.

“What did you boys do? Because if you and the lads pulled some kind of prank on Harry and made the kitchen messy, you know he hates that and—“

“Don’t worry. It’s nothing like that. And we know better than to make Harry’s apartment dirty.” I reassured her, because we do know. Harry spent a whole 48 hours cleaning his apartment after Niall and Louis thought it would be funny to rearrange Harry’s wardrobe. He almost had a panic attack when he found that his socks weren’t color-coated.

But no, this was something that Amabel —and hopefully Parker— were going to enjoy. 

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