The Best Thing


2. Chapter 2

I stepped back a few inches to let him pass but he tripped on my foot and he grabbed my hand which made me fall on top of him. The weirder part of that incident was that, we kissed. He was holding my waist and my hands were in his chest, like in the movies. Of course I couldn’t let him enjoy the moment so I stood up and patted away the dirt from my clothes. He did the same.

"I’m really sorry for running into you like that, I really am." the man said.
"It’s ok, yeah." I said, looking at my knee.
"Sorry for the- you know, the, uh -"
"Yeah, don’t bring that up, please" I said cutting his words. Seriously, I don’t wanna talk about that stupid kiss!
"Yeah, so, uh, I’m Connor by the way" he said, holding out his hand for a handshake.
"I’m Madison" I said then shook his hand.

I stared at him and he smiled. What a cute guy. I love his eyes. It’s like staring right into my soul. I wonder how old he is.. Slutty!

"So, uh, why are you in the backstage entrance?" he asked.
"This is a backstage entrance? My friend dropped me off here so I thought this was the entrance"
"The other entrance is in the other side of the building"
"Oh, okay. I should go now, thanks for letting me know, bye." I said then turned away.
"Hey Madison, you want me to uh, take you there?" Connor asked.
"Uh yeah, sure. I’m actually not familiar with this place, so maybe I could use some help."

I was really uncomfortable with him at first, but turns out he’s really cool, and he said that he’s with his younger brother and blah blah.

We were almost at the door when he said he can’t come with me any further and he didn’t tell me why. So I bade him goodbye and started walking on my own. Luckily, I found Gian and Jamie
"Where have you been?" Jamie asked.
"You dropped me off in the wrong entrance!" I said.
"Hahaha, yeah, sorry. that was near the parking lot so.." Gian said.

We went in and found ourselves at the very far back of the stage. The concert was about to start. We couldn’t see a thing because of the numerous people in the crowd so we made our way into the front of the stage. Sweaty arms are touching may face, disgusting, but oh well.

Four people appeared on the stage and the people began screaming to the fact that they could blow your eardrums. The man up the mic said that they were the ‘The Maine’ band. Shit, I thought ‘The Maine’ was a TV show, I never knew they were a band.

They were pretty good, actually. The people were jumping and singing and I was bumped from one person to the other. It was a difficult moment for me, haha. The girls started screaming the name ‘Garrett Nickelsen’ but I had no idea who that was.
The band sang a couple of songs then they were done. Whew, I got pretty sweaty because of the pressure I’ve been through. :D

The ‘The Maine’ band left the stage and four young teens entered, the crowd started screaming again. Then I saw Connor. Oh, how shocking.

"Wait, that’s- that’s-" I said, mumbling.
"What? That’s Before You Exit, dummie." Jamie told me.

A tall guy with dark hair walked towards the mic and introduced their band.

"Hi we’re Before You Exit. I’m Riley, over there on the drums is Thomas, this is Braiden and that’s my big bro Connor. And this first song is called ‘Raindrop’" he said.

They’re both in the same band? oh wow, that’s cool. Probably the reason why Connor left me before we could reach the door was because he didn’t like the fans to see him, right? I have to admit, I think Riley is way cuter than him, not to mention YOUNGER.

Connor walked towards the mic and said something I never expected.

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