The Best Thing



1. Chapter 1

Saturday morning I was awakened by the loud ringing of my phone. Ugh, it was Jamie. What could be her problem now?

"Hello?" I answered with a startled voice.
"Maddie! Maddie! Happy 15th Birthday!" Jame screamed.

Oh yeah, I forgot. It was my birthday. But who cares? Probably I’m the only person in the world who’s not thrilled on the day of her birth. Jamie is the only person who puts all her efforts to make my birthday a day to remember. We’re totally opposite actually. That’s why people wonder why how we became friends.

"Oh yeah. haha. Thank you."
"you forgot again, didn’t you? Freak. So you have plans today?" she asked.
"uh.. none. Why?" I said, actually thinking what to do.
"You wanna go to a concert or something? I have three tickets here."
"What concert?"
"It’ll be fun! Come on, I’ll pick you up by 7 okay?"
"Wait! -"

Jamie hung up. I have to admit, she’s annoying sometimes. But I love her cause she’s my best-est friend, EVER!

"I haven’t agreed yet." I said to myself.

I looked at my phone and I realized that I’ve been getting a lot of messages from friends and family greeting me Happy Birthday. I also missed 5 calls from my parents who are in Hawaii for a business trip something.

Well it was a normal Saturday or me. I ate my usual breakfast, did my usual hobbies, etc. the only different thing I did was treat myself a cupcake which served as my birthday cake since I was celebrating alone. Poor me.
By lunch, my parents called me and said that they were sorry they can’t be on my special day. I understand them. Maybe that trip was important for their business.

Around 6 PM, Jamie arrived at my house with her boyfriend Gian. Jamie gave me a hug and greeted my Happy Birthday, for the second time.

"where are your parents?" she asked.
"Oh, ok. Go get ready sistah cause this is gonna be a fun night!" yelled Jamie.

I left the two of them in the couch then I took a shower on the upstairs bathroom. After 45 mins of shower and deciding on what to wear, I went downstairs and found Gian and Jamie snogging in the living room.

"Ehem!" I yelled.
"Oh, haha. Sorry. Let’s go?" Jamie asked.

The three of us went to Gian’s car and started driving to the place where the concert will be held. Thankfully, it wasn’t that boring in the car. In fact, I realized that Gian was a very nice guy. I can see that Jamie really likes him, in spite the fact that Gian is 2 years ahead of us.

We arrived at the darkest part outside the building. They dropped me off by a door which is probably the entrance.

"meet us inside, okay?" Jamie said.
"yeah, we’ll just park the car."Gian said then drove off.

"OK, sure!" I said, obviously, to no one.

I was about to enter the door when a man screamed behind me.


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