Rejected 22 times

"Sorry, Liam, I've told you just about 15 times, I am NOT intrested"
"It's been 22 times" he mumbled
"You've rejected me 22 times Savanna"
"Oh, then don't make it 23" I said as I walked away with my friends.

Yes, That was me. Stupid little clueless me, and all for what? A reputation?
Most people right now think that I'm a self-centered little slut for now, once he's famous, wanting him. Well, I'm not.
All summer I was thinking about that, and I wanted to tell him how sorry I was in the fall, and ask if he would give me another shot, but he just walked away every time I wanted to talk to him. He sent me a letter after x-factor the second time, but all it said was:
Don't worry sweetheart, I'm stoppin at 22
I never really saw him again. Until now.


8. Old best friend, New best friend

Liam was finishing packing. Even though it crushed my heart that he was leaving, even though I told him I didn't care and it was fine. I mean, he already was really nice and all since I told him sorry, I wasn't expecting him to drop everything and focus on me. As he left, I gave him a hug, and told him see you in a week.

As son as everyone had said goodbye, I grabbed my bag to leave when Louis stopped me.

"Savannah where are you going?" He asked

"Home" I answered plainly

"No, you're not. you're staying here" He said pulling me back inside, and taking my bag.


"So we can get to know you! mingle without Liam around!"


"Great, let's start"

He said pulling me onto the couch

"Favorite colour?" he asked


"Me too!" He said pulling a funny face

"Uh, middle name" I asked

"That's easy, William" He said


"Wrong" he said


"Your new middle name is, Resbusha"

"Resbusha?" I asked

"Yep" he said trying to contain his laughter, but He couldn't help it, neither could I. We both burst out laughing. I could already tell, that this was the start to a very long friendship. Just as long as he didn't ask me out ;).

A/N: First, I'm sorry if your name is Resbusha, idek where that came from. Second, These two chapters, and about I would say next 15 chapters have been origanally thought of by the talented @/Mrs. Morgan Eve Horan!!!!! One of my new co-owners! For any of you wondering why Savannah isn't home, crying with her parent, it's because,  well, you'll find out soon *insert devil smile*. Oh, and yes I'm fully aware that Liam has a girlfriend, just wait *another devil smile*. QOTD(bc I feel like it): What do you think of Sophia Smith?

Personally, I just looked her up on google, and I was grossed out, but if Liam likes her, then let it be.








Even though I miss payzer so much! DANIELLE COME BACK BEFORE I CRY, PLS, ILY PAYZER, RIP!
















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