Rejected 22 times

"Sorry, Liam, I've told you just about 15 times, I am NOT intrested"
"It's been 22 times" he mumbled
"You've rejected me 22 times Savanna"
"Oh, then don't make it 23" I said as I walked away with my friends.

Yes, That was me. Stupid little clueless me, and all for what? A reputation?
Most people right now think that I'm a self-centered little slut for now, once he's famous, wanting him. Well, I'm not.
All summer I was thinking about that, and I wanted to tell him how sorry I was in the fall, and ask if he would give me another shot, but he just walked away every time I wanted to talk to him. He sent me a letter after x-factor the second time, but all it said was:
Don't worry sweetheart, I'm stoppin at 22
I never really saw him again. Until now.


9. Missing

"Hey, Li"  I said over the phone

"Hey Savannah whats up?"

"Well, uh, we're gonna have Adain's f-funeral in a few days, and you were one of the people he had always looked up to, so I wanted to know if you could or wanted to come?" I asked, kinda hoping he would say yes.

"Uh, I don't know Sav, it depends, I gotta go, bye!" He said

What the actual fuck?

Liam knows how much Ade looked up to him. Yet he can't come to his god damn funeral? What was Liam doing? I just stood there phone in my hand, until Louis came by, and snapped me out of my thought. Yes. I have been staying with them, but that's because whenever I try to go home, my mother blames his death on me.

"Sav, what's wrong?" Louis asked

"Liam isn't coming to my little brothers funeral." I said blankly

"Oh, that sucks, what is so special about Liam though?"

"Liam was Adain's hero, he had always looked up to him. Li was his favorite person ever, and the worst part is, Liam knows that" I said, tears starting to brim my eyes.

"Aw, Sav, C'mere" Louis said holding out his arms

I walked right into them, then pulled away.

"What is he even doing this week?"

"I think he's hanging out with his new girlfriend, Sophia Smith I think it is?"

"Sophia, Sophia Smith?" I asked amazed

"Uh, yea why?"

"Sophia Smith the girl who wouldn't even go near Liam? That Sophia Smith?"

(no hate, just goin with that^)

"Uh yeah, I think"

Liam is missing my little brothers funeral for Sophia Freaking Smith.

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