Rejected 22 times

"Sorry, Liam, I've told you just about 15 times, I am NOT intrested"
"It's been 22 times" he mumbled
"You've rejected me 22 times Savanna"
"Oh, then don't make it 23" I said as I walked away with my friends.

Yes, That was me. Stupid little clueless me, and all for what? A reputation?
Most people right now think that I'm a self-centered little slut for now, once he's famous, wanting him. Well, I'm not.
All summer I was thinking about that, and I wanted to tell him how sorry I was in the fall, and ask if he would give me another shot, but he just walked away every time I wanted to talk to him. He sent me a letter after x-factor the second time, but all it said was:
Don't worry sweetheart, I'm stoppin at 22
I never really saw him again. Until now.


4. Dear Savannah,

 Ok, so right now, I'm in my hospital room. I will really miss you! We just found out that I had 2 months left to live, I know you cried, you always cry. I mean, when your sad and stuff, but anyways, I just want to tell you that you have been the Best big sister ever!!! You are always there for me, and help me, and love me, and I love you! You are like my best friend and sister wrapped in one! Remember that time, we went  to the beach with Liam, and he dropped you head first in the sand? Well, I wanna say I'm sorry for laughing so much, but in my defence it was really funny. And then that one time, Liam also came over, and we took random pictures. That was funny, we put those in the book! What happened to Liam? You were like, best friends then you came how wierded out, one day, and you just kept coming home like that, then you were normal, and Liam was back, and then you came home mad and crying, and was like that all summer, and then Liam got famous, like you told him, and then you were acting wierd, but whatever! Anyways, I love you Savannah, and I'll be looking down on you!

Your little brother,

            xoxoxoxoxoxox Adain (The Adainator)

P.S. If Liam asked you out, I would take it, for me? He is the only boy I will ever be able to approve of.

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