We were Infinite

Alexa Miller is just a normal 19 year old girl: she loves, she loses, and she loves again. While going through some tough times with her parents, she meets up with a boy. But its not any boy, its Zayn, from One Direction. With many twists and turns, Alexa finally finds her place in the world.


10. Two Weeks later...

Its been two weeks since I fell for Harry. There has just been this awkward tension between Harry and I,nonetheless all the boys. Zayn and I haven't really had much action, just the usual lovey-dovey holding hands, kissing on the nose sorts of thing. I feel like he is up to something, like something is going on.

"Hey Alexa, we have to go to an interview, we were wondering if you wanted to do our grocery shopping, we have a list. We will be leaving in a few minutes, you can leave later if you want to."

Louis asked me, handing me a long list of mostly junk food. I'm pretty sure Niall chose half of this stuff.

"Yeah, sure, I'll do it. Well, bye! Have fun at the interview!" I yelled, closing the door behind them.

I decided to drink some tea and watch some shows on the telly for a little bit. It was already 12 when I looked at the clock, the boys left at 9. I ran up the stairs, didn't bother to take a shower,  just threw a jumper and some leggings on, perfect for fall weather. I threw on my chocolate combat boots and ran out the door with the boys credit card, the list, and my purse.

*****After shopping*****

 I came home to a note on the door. It read,

Hello love, we went out to Nandos for dinner, bringing some back for you. Zayn said he didn't want to come, he is home. Be back soon! -4/5 of 1D

I smiled at the note, pushing the door open with my elbow. It took me a couple of trips with the groceries, but when I was done I walked upstairs.

"Zayn I'm ho-" I walked into Zayn's bedroom to find Zayn and Perrie kissing. KISSING! I was absolutely speechless.

"Alexa it isn't what it looks like!"

"Oh sure!"

 I grabbed the pocket knife off of my dresser Zayn insisted I have to keep in my purse out of my room and ran. Ran until I reached the tree that Zayn carved the heart into. I pulled out the knife and carved a big "X" over it. I kept on tracing over the x. Then I looked at my wrist. I had been clean for two months now, I just couldn't resist. I hovered the blade over my skin for a little bit, knowing that what I will do I will soon regret. I placed the cold knife on my skin, pushed down and slowly dragged it over my wrist, embracing the pain. I couldn't face him, I just had to wait for the boys. And I left my phone inside, so I couldn't text any of them. I remembered the boys built a tree house in these woods, Zayn showed it to me the time he carved the heart into the tree. I walked slowly over to the tree house. I climbed the ladder, built on the tree, curled up in the corner, reading all of the quotes written in sharpie along the wooden walls.  They ranged from 'one direction forever' to 'niall loves nandos.' Looking at the quotes made me think if they ever broke their promises written in this tree house, One Direction would be broken- physically as well as mentally. I felt like I could cause that. I saw the boys car pull inot the driveway. I started crying, thinking of how I was going to tell them. After a while I walked up to the front door, Liam answering. I was still crying.

"Love, what happened?" I couldn't say anything, I just hugged him. "We'll go in my room, kay?"

I nodded into Liams shoulder as he picked me up and brought me into his room. He shut the door and sat down on his bed, letting me sit on his lap sideways, my legs hanging off of him.

"Tell me everything that happened."

"Zayn happened!" I shouted.

"Z-Z-Zayn?' Liam stuttered.

"He cheated on me." I said trying to control my sobs.

"With who, Perrie?" I nodded my head into his chest, and he pulled me closer. Liam sat me down on his bed, got up with a tight fist, but sat back down again. I leaned my head on his shoulder, and he wrapped an arm around my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around his waist. He looked down at me, I looked down at him, we both leaned in and kissed.

"I'm sorry," he said, " I shouldn't of done that, but I just needed to show you that you have four supportive lads who will always be there for you." I started crying again.

"Its nice to know that I can practically call you guys family, well, you actually pay attention to me." I leaned back on his shoulder.

"Well I have to go downstairs, do you want to come?"

"I'll be down in a little bit. I just need to do a few things." we both walked out of his room and I walked over to mine, and reached under my bed to find a suitcase that I discovered the first night I stayed here. I picked it up and packed it, throwing all of my necessities  messily in the bag. I pushed it back under the bed and walked downstairs. All of the boys were squished onto the couch, watching the old x factor auditions of the boys. I walked over to Louis who had the remote and turned the telly off. I stood in front of it. All of the boys shouted in unison to turn it back on.

"Boys, I need to talk to you." I said, trying to fight the tears. "I think I need a break from one direc-"

And on that note, I collapsed.


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