We were Infinite

Alexa Miller is just a normal 19 year old girl: she loves, she loses, and she loves again. While going through some tough times with her parents, she meets up with a boy. But its not any boy, its Zayn, from One Direction. With many twists and turns, Alexa finally finds her place in the world.


6. The Question

Zayn's POV:

I told her I loved her. And I meant it. She said it back to me. And I knew she meant it too. I didn't know what to say after that-I had nothing to say after that. I just said it in 3 words.

"Alexa, want to meet the boys back at the house."

"Yeah, sure. Let me just text my parents and tell them I will be gone for the night. Is it okay if I spend the night? I really don't want to deal with my parents right now."

"No problem."

"Thanks!" She said and kissed me on the cheek. we started to walk back to the house, and finally arrived. The boys weren't there, probably roaming the streets. Hopefully they are okay.

"So, what do you want to do?" Alexa asked me, while looking around the house.

"Well, I really didn't show you the house before, so do you want a tour?"

"Sure," She said," I would love one!"

Alexa's POV:

"Okay," Zayn started,"when you walk in you enter the foyer, which connects to the living room, which connects to the kitchen, which connects to the dining room, which connects to the same living room as before. It s just a big circle. So the stairs are in the foyer." He guided me up the stairs. Straight ahead is the big bathroom, to the left is Liam's room and Niall's room (each boy has a separate room, and to the right is a hallway that has Louis's room in the left and Harry's room on the right, and if you keep going, you will find my room on the left and the guest room on the right. That's where you will be staying. And by the way your room is the only one with a built in bathroom."

"Well, thanks for the tour, can I see my room?"

"Yeah go ahead."

I walked into a soft pink room, it was paris themed. I could tell a girl designed this.

"Why do you have a girly room in your house?" I asked Zayn.

"Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle designed it."

"Who are they?" I asked Zayn.

"Danielle is Liam's ex, Eleanor is Louis's girlfriend, and Perrie is my ex."

"Oh, sorry about Perrie. She must have been lucky to have you when she did. By the way this room is amazing. I love it!" I said excitedly.

"So I"ll let you settle in. I will be in my room. If you want to you can take a shower. Its getting pretty late, we probably just stay around and watch movies."

"Okay, but I don't have any pajamas."

"Wait," Zayn walked into his room and started to go through his drawers. He pulled out a sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants.

"Thanks. You didn't have to."

"Yes I did."

"Well see ya in a few!" I yelled. I walked into my bathroom. It was pink and huge. I opened up the medicine cabinet and it literally had everything a girl needed for the rest of her life. As I looked around the bathroom, I found the shower, toilet, jewelry holder and vanity. I went over to the vanity, it had a note on it. It read:

"Hello friend, this is Eleanor. Feel free to use and wear anything in the room! I am sure we will see each other soon and become best friends!"

I already could tell that when I would meet this girl, I would love her. I got undressed and hopped into the shower. There was a huge variety of shampoos. I picked out a random one and shampooed and conditioned my hair. I shaved my legs with a pink razor and the shaving cream that was also in the shower. I jumped out and took all my make up off and wrapped a towel around me. I headed back into the bedroom and opened up the closet. I just expected to see a little closet with not many clothes, but when I opened up the door, I found a huge walk-in closet, with hundreds of outfits. My mouth dropped open. I changed in the closet into the pajamas that Zayn gave me. 

I walked out of my room and walked over to Zayns room and peeked in trying not to make a sound while I looked through the space where the door was open. All I saw was Zayn holding what looked like a picture and wiping his eyes.

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