We were Infinite

Alexa Miller is just a normal 19 year old girl: she loves, she loses, and she loves again. While going through some tough times with her parents, she meets up with a boy. But its not any boy, its Zayn, from One Direction. With many twists and turns, Alexa finally finds her place in the world.


11. The Hospital

Harrys POV:

"Guys, look." I rolled up Alexa's sweatshirt sleeve that she was wearing to reveal a makeshift t-shirt bandage for a cut on her wrist. I slipped it off, with all of the boys huddling over me. I loved her, I couldn't let her die. I could already tell the cut was deep, and it went into a main artery. She told me she cut, now all of the boys know. How am I going to tell her they know?

"W-why would she do this?" Louis said, staring straight at her face that was slowly losing color.

"I don't know, but she needs to get to the hospital. Very, very quickly. Someone get Zayn!"

"I will." Liam offered, running up the stairs.

After getting all of the boys to get in the car, Alexa was laying in the back seat across me, Niall and Louis. Her head was on my lap. I ran my fingers through my hair as we drove toward the hospital. All I could do was hope that she wouldn't die. I needed to tell her I loved her, she needed to know. And I know just the way to do it. We finally arrived at the hospital. He jumped out of the car, not bothering to shut the car off. He ran into the emergency room yelling 'we need a stretcher!' Some nurses took Alexa out of my arms and placed her on the stretcher. I wanted to go with her, but they told us we had to sit in the waiting room. After about an hour and a half of waiting, the doctor told us the news.

"We have no idea if she is going to make it, there is a very low percentage of her ever waking up because of all the blood loss. You can go see her. Lets hope its not the last time. We are going to keep her overnight to monitor her, one of you five can stay overnight. You can decide on your own. Well I will leave you with Alexa, hope she wakes."

"Thank you." We all walked into Alexa's room, Zayn totally breaking down, remembering what he had done about an hour ago, the thing that caused this.

"Okay," Liam began, "We can all take turns saying something to Alexa. I will go first. everyone go out into the hall. As Liam finished, Louis walked in. When he came out he looked like he was about to cry. Then it was Niall's turn, when he walked out, he was crying. Liam went in with Zayn. Zayn could hardly talk, that's how hard he was crying. I went last. I walked into Alexa's room and knelt down next to her bed. I couldn't say anything, all I cold was kiss her. Then I felt her kiss back.


Authors note**** Sorry guys this was a really short, crappy chapter. I will be updating sooner than later. Love you! xx

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