We were Infinite

Alexa Miller is just a normal 19 year old girl: she loves, she loses, and she loves again. While going through some tough times with her parents, she meets up with a boy. But its not any boy, its Zayn, from One Direction. With many twists and turns, Alexa finally finds her place in the world.


9. The Girlfriend

Harry's POV:

All of the color in my face washed out when I read the text from my girlfriend, Sydney.

My Gurll: Harry, I think we need to stick to being friends.

Me: What?

My Gurll: I'm really sorry

Me: If you were sorry you wouldn't be doing this

I got up and ran out, grabbing my jacket on the way and slipping my body into it. It was a cold fall night, I really shouldn't be out here. I ran into some woods that I found. I could hear somebody following me, running behind me. I sat down on a fallen tree trunk, stuffed my face into my hands, and cried.

Alexa's POV:

"Harry!" I yelled running after him. I found him with his face stuffed into his hands, sobbing. i slowly walked over to him, sat down and wrapped a supportive arm around him.

"Harry?" I asked him.

He slowly looked up, wiping his eyes. "Yeah?" he answered.

"Can you at least tell me what happened?"

"M-my girlf-friend broke up with m-me." He started to cry again, this time I wrapped both arms around him and I lay my head on his shoulder.

"So," Harry started to talk," while we are out here alone, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?"

"Well, i am obsessed with twitter, my parents divorced today, i never went to my school prom.."

"Stand up." Harry commanded. "Why?" I asked. "Just stand up!" He yell-talked (if that makes any sense). "Why?" I asked again. He pulled out his phone and started playing music from it. He wrapped his arms around my waist . "Harry, are you dancing with me?" "Yeah."
"I don't know how to dance. That's why I never went." "Well I'll show you how."

"I put my arms around your waist, you put your arms around my  neck, you lay your head up against my chest, and we sway back and forth... I guess." I did everything he told me to, as he told me. I listened to the song as we danced. Then i heard a familiar voice.

"Harry, is that you singing?"

"Yeah. The boys and I are in a band called One Direction, and this is my favorite song off of the album. It's called Little things." We remained silent after that, but he sang I think it might have been Niall's solo to me, then he sang the chorus. Harry was such a good singer and he is really- no Alexa, you have Zayn. You cant be falling for Harry. But what if i was falling for Harry. And what if he was falling for me? All of a sudden Harry looked over  at my wrist.

"A-alexa? Why do you have scars on your wrist?"

I quickly pulled away from Harry and i sat back down on the tree. I tired to hide my tears from Harry, but it wasn't working. This time it was his turn to comfort me.

"Harry, I'm sorry."

"But, why?" he asked me.

"School. I had to stay back in kindergarten and in High School, I got bullied about it. I didn't know how to express the pain, so I expressed on myself, Harry please don't tell anybody."

"Your secret is safe with me." I looked him, he looked at me, and we both started to lean in. When we were centimeters away, we heard screaming, which made us both jump back.


Stupid paparazzi.

"Run!" Harry  yelled.

"But i cant run in slippers!"

"Well  then jump on!" Harry squatted so i could hop on his back for a quite bumpy piggy back ride.

We got back to the house at around ten. We ran in, laughing. Harry let me get down.

"Well you guys can finish the movie" I said to all of the boys, "I'm gonna go to bed."

"Night!" The five boys yelled as i walked away into my room. I walked into the closet to change into different pajamas since i had forest all over me. As i was finding some, i noticed that the walls were covered in One Direction photos, posters, and lyrics. I spotted Harry. I knew there was nothing between us. Or at least i hope there was nothing between us. I changed, and crawled under the covers, at started thinking, mostly about Harry. Yup, there was definitely something between us.


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