Love, death & war

Kelly's mother was murdered, ever since that day Kelly has been depressed and has had brutal night terrors. When Katie her sister confesses her feelings to the family they decide to go and stay with her grandmother for a while but something strange is in that town...

This is a paranormal romance :) and I hope you all enjoy, this has been my idea for a book for a long time!!! So I hope you like it!
Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions, that can tell me what I need to work on and if anyone is enjoying my book. I will try to update whenever I have a free moment.
Ages: 11+


2. Chapter 2


Katie joins us in the kitchen. her facial expression blank as if her mind was completely numb. "Breakfast is ready" I state cheerfully. Katie slowly walks towards the kitchen table. Her face still unable to read. "Are you oka-" "No" Katie practically screamed  interrupting Jordan. "We are not f****** okay!" She cries running into the living room. Payton looks at me and Jordan with wide eyes that clearly say 'What the hell.' Jordan gets up from his chair and heads to the living room followed by Payton. I stay in my seat and stare wide eyed at my unfinished plate. Why would she do that... Is it because of all the night terrors I have been getting? "I cant take it anymore" I hear Katie scream, her voice is followed by shushes. "Look we don't want her to hear us." Someone whispers loudly. Everyone is much quieter from then on. I cant hear a single thing there saying.

     10 minutes later which feels like an internity my sibling come back into the kitchen. "Pack your bags" Jordan strictly says. Payton grabs my plate and throws it into the sink. "What why?" I ask with a tone of panic in my voice. "We have decided were going to grandmas" Katie mumbles. I stare at Katie shocked as she starts piling dishes up in a stack. "Go get packed or were leaving your stuff here" Jordan says bitterly. He never is mean to me. I rush up the stairs with tears streaming down my face. I really do think grandma could help but I don't want to leave my mothers home to do so. I take my suit case  out of my closet and carelessly throw in my belongings. After Im finished I take my four suit cases down the stairs with me. Im surprised I didn't fall down. When I got into the living room I am greeted by a unpleased Payton. "Katie forget the damn dishes and finish packing. We are leaving to grandmas in 2 days we have to hurry" He yells. "We cant leave moms favourite dishes here" Katie yells back. "I will go help her" I mumble making my way to the Kitchen. 

        "Go pack and I will finish with the dishes" I whisper so she doesn't tell I have been crying. Katie nods and runs off. I start drying of the plates and delicately placing them inside Katie's suit case. I turn around to face the other side of the empty kitchen. "Eco!" I holler loudly "You better be done" Katie yells from upstairs. "I am!" I roll my eyes and stuff in the remainder of dishes and zip up the suit case. 

    Katie and Jordan finally finish packing there belongings and start tidying up the living room. As for me and Payton we start with the storage room. "Payton?" I quietly whisper while digging through a dusty box. "Yes" He whispers stuffing something into his pocket. "Is Katie going to be okay?" Payton lets out a sigh and turns to face me. "If we leave...yes she will be fine" I hope thats true. "Whats that?" I ask gesturing towards his pocket. "Remember that watch dad used to always have?" I nod. "Yeah" Payton bites his lip and digs through another box. "Why do you think he did it?" Payton looks at the watch and shakes his head. "I don't know, I wish I knew." Me and Payton keep digging through boxes silently. I wonder why dad did it? Why he would ever do such a thing? Now he's gone and we have no parents...

  The days slowly pass and before I knew it "Its time to go" Katie smiles warmly. Its moving day. I sigh and grab my suite cases. "Bye mom" I sigh and head towards the car. "You know what? I think its time for a change Katie" I mumble. "What do you mean?" I ignore her question and walk towards the forest beside our house. I rip the ponytail and bun out of my hair and whip it into the forest. I run my fingers through my black hair and smile. "Kelly your hair" Katie runs towards me. "I like it" she smiles grabbing my wrist and leads me towards the car. "I think I want a new change too" she whispers in my ear. "Let me guess new makeup?" I roll my eyes and head inside the car. "Correct" she giggles jumping in beside me. "Goodbye old life hello new life!" Katie screams out the window as the car moves. 

Hey guys :) thank you for reading! I really appreciate it. I know its been really boring so far but this is just starting. Its going to get more interesting when they go to there grandmothers. If you guys didn't know yet I made a trailer. I don't have a youtube account so I put it up on my Facebook page!!! So please watch it Im really proud of my work. The link to my Facebook page is->
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