Love, death & war

Kelly's mother was murdered, ever since that day Kelly has been depressed and has had brutal night terrors. When Katie her sister confesses her feelings to the family they decide to go and stay with her grandmother for a while but something strange is in that town...

This is a paranormal romance :) and I hope you all enjoy, this has been my idea for a book for a long time!!! So I hope you like it!
Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions, that can tell me what I need to work on and if anyone is enjoying my book. I will try to update whenever I have a free moment.
Ages: 11+


1. Chapter 1

"Run Scarlett" Kate screams being pulled through a bush. My heart is exhilarating with adrenaline. "Please help me" an unfamiliar voice calls out, I can hear the fear in his or hers voice. My ears start ringing from all the yelling...  All of a sudden the ringing stops, I cant hear a thing. Panic takes over, I lost my hearing... I went deaf. I loose balance as my legs give up, I drop to the ground like a rag doll as my eyes fill up with water. I start sobbing uncontrollably, like a helpless baby when someone clutches my shoulder making me jump with fear. "Leave me alone" I scream. I try to get off the ground but Im to helpless, my head turns to look at the strange man with mesmerizing grey eyes limping towards me, I begin to shake my head rapidly. "Please no! Stay away from me!" I shriek. His eyes turn a blood lusting red with fangs extending from his mouth.

My eyes flutter open to a sight of a familiar room, people surround the bed that I helplessly lay on. I take a minute to examine everyones face, they all look concerned. A boy walks towards me with fangs like the man with the red eyes. I start to scream, kick and punch, but its no use 2 people are holding me down. The boy keeps coming closer and closer as he grips his fist tightly. I manage to get one of my hands free from the girls grip, I clench it into a fist and pound it straight into the boys jaw. "Stop it, calm down, its just another night terror" 
the girl says soothingly, "Its just a dream."     
"Kate?" I cry, the other boy lets me go. I bolt upwards and literally jump in Kate's arms, "Its okay Scar" she coos hugging me tightly. "Its just another night terror" the boy says clutching his jawline. I take everything in all at once. I have been having these horrible dreams since my mother was murdered. Kate, Joel and Jordan are my siblings, the only family I have left, Well I shouldn't say that, I have my grandmother, except she lives in Toronto. She has been begging me and my siblings to  come and live with her, but we chose not to. I dont know why, Grandma probably could help with my dreams. 
"Im sorry" I gesture to Jordan, "Its okay" Jordan smiles and takes his hand of his now swollen cheek. His cheek is purple from when I punched him. His black hair lays in greasy strands just like my other brother Payton. They both have blue eyes with bags forming around them, they haven't gotten any sleep for the past week, nether has my sister, she manages to look living thanks to her makeup.  Katie also has black hair but mine is always in a ponytail. "Lets go make some breakfast" Payton states turning to leave my bedroom.  "How would you like your eggs?" Payton asks looking towards me. "Scrambled" I smile weakly.


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