Shock From the Past

What happens when Harry leaves his girlfriend of two years behind to go and audition for X-factor? What happens when they bump into eachother again, will there be a suprise waiting for him, will they get back together and live a happily ever after ending, or are there going to be problems that seperate the two?


5. Telling the Styles (July 2010)

*Next day at Harry's house*

I was terrified about how they were going to react. I somehow already arrived at their front door, I was standing there taking deep breaths trying to calm myself. Once I got my breathing steady again I rang the doorbell and right after it finished Anne opened the door and pulled me in for a hug and saying how good it was to see me and that it's been so long and I just smiled trying not to cry. Anne gestured me in and I told her that I needed to tell her, Gemma, and Robin something really important. So she rounded everyone up and we all met in the living room. And that's when I told them the news about how I was pregnat and how it was Harry's. They were all shocked but then they told me that they will be there for me when I need them and how they are happy that it's me instead of some other random girl. I smiled at them and then just broke out into tears of joy because they were so supportive and loving towards me. We sat around talking about different baby things like clothes and when I should go to the doctor. Anne told me that if I ever need advice on what I should be doing I can always ask her. Now the only thing to do is going to be the hardest, and that is telling Harry.


*3 days later*

Today is the day that I have decided to tell Harry. He's on tour right now with The X-Factor but I have to tell him I can't wait any longer. Here's how the phone call went... (C:Cassi, H:Harry)

Ring ring, ring ring

H: Hello?

C: Umm Harry?

H: No my name is Brandon, Harry's busy at the moment. Do you need something?


C: Um yea I need to talk to Harry and it's really urgent.

B: Well why don't you tell me what it is and I can pass the message on.

C: Sorry but I'm the one that needs to tell him.

B: Well then how about you tell me so I can tell him the urgency of it.

C: Ok well it's very urgent because I am pregnat with his child.

B: Ok well that is very urgent. Don't worry I'll call him and tell him to call you right away.

C: Ok thank you. Bye.

B: You're welcome. Goodbye.

End of phone conversation.

*3 days later*

It has been three days and I haven't got a call or text from him, no communication what so ever. You know what I'm tired of waiting I'm gonna call him.

Ring ring, ring ring

It just kept ringing and ringing and then I was sent to voicemail so I tried again and again and again. I was tired I'm gonna go to sleep and try tomarrow hopefully he'll pick up.


*Next morning*

Let's try to give him another ring.

Ring ring, ring ring....

Yet again voicemail.


*2 months later*

I've been trying to call him and text him for the past TWO MONTHS! I am DONE!! If he doesn't want to answer me than he obviously doesn't want anything to do me so he's not going to have anything to do with the baby.

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