Shock From the Past

What happens when Harry leaves his girlfriend of two years behind to go and audition for X-factor? What happens when they bump into eachother again, will there be a suprise waiting for him, will they get back together and live a happily ever after ending, or are there going to be problems that seperate the two?


4. My house (July 2010)

It has been two years since Harry and I have been together. When he told me about him going to go off to audition for The X-factor, yea I was kinda sad but he was full-filling his dream and I was proud of him. But before he left I wanted to give him something special that you can only give once, my virginity. I texted Harry earlier today and told him to come over about 8:30pm and we could watch a couple of movies. But he didn't know that we weren't going to be watching movies the whole time.


*Harry arrives*

Ding Dong

"Coming!" I called from upstairs but with Harry being Harry he kept ringing the doorbell non-step!

"Harry stop ringing the damn bell you're going to break it!" I yelled at him while running for the door.

"Hey babe." Harry said to me and gave me a quick peck on my lips.

"Hey Harry." I said to him smiling.

"So what move do you want to watch hun?"

"Um I don't care you go pick and I'll go make some popcorn."

"Ok babe."

I head into the kitchen grab a bag of butter popcorn and stick it in the microwave. As I'm waiting for it to finish I feel a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist from behind and kisses being place on my neck. I turn around still in Harry's arms and pull him in for a very passionate kiss. It started going from a passionate kiss to a heated make out session until the microwave went off interupting us. We look at eachother and just sigh. I turn back around and get the popcorn out and put it into a bowl and we both head out to the living room to watch the movie.

"So Harry what movie have you chosen?"

"Well I thought that we should watch "Darkness Falls"."

I look at him with wide eyes because I have seen it before and it still scares the crap out of me.

"Ummm ok Harry." I said a little unsure.

About 1/3 of the way through I was cuddled up to Harry because I was getting pretty scared but I felt so safe with him and I was just anxious to get to the part I believe will be the best night of my life, so I started kissing him on his neck while sucking a bit and I get a loan throaty moan from him and I smiled proud of myself that I got that out of him. Eventually I finally lost intrest in the movie and climbed onto his lap still sucking on his neck, moving up his jaw and finally to his lips. As we started kissing it ended up turning into a heated make out session. He puts his hands cupping my thighs and stands up, I wrap my legs around his waist as he carries me up to my room. We got up to my room and he gently placed me down onto my king sized bed. He crawls ontop of me kissing me on my lips then slowly moving his way down my neck sucking and biting lightly with me letting out little moans. As he's sucking on my neck I tug at the bottom of his shirt just wanting him to take it off. He sits off and takes off his shirt and i can't help but stare at his amazingly toned body with his six pack. Next he grabs the hem of my shirt and looks deep in my eyes for premission and I give it to him. He then pulls off my shirt and runs his hands all long my body while kissing me. Then he starts trailing kiss from my lips down the whole way to the button of my shorts. He un-buttons them and pulls them off my legs and crawls back ontop of me and I start to undo his pants and he finishes taking them off. As he hovers above me, I tangle my fingers into his luscious curls while he slips his hand behind my back to undo my bra clasp and take it off. He then lowers down where is mouth is hovering above my left breast his hot breath turning me on so much and he then begins to lick and suck on it while his hand is massaging my right one. He kisses his way down to the rim of my panties and is pulling them down with his teethand as he's pulling them down I can feel his hot breath down there and it is making me so wet. Once he gets them off he stands up and takes his own off and I just stare at him because he was so perfect. Just so I was prepared, I bought condoms and gave him one to put on and as he positions himself he looks me in the eyes and asks me "Are you 100% sure that you want to do this?" I just looked him in the eyes and I could see the love in them and my response was "Yes." with a smile on my face. He slowly entered me and it hurts really bad and he can see that he asks me if I want him to stop and I shook my head no. Once he fully entered me he didn't move because he let me adjust. Once the pain wasn't too bad, I told him to move and he started going nice and slow, then we were both letting out little moans and I'm there breathlessly telling him to go faster and he did and it felt so amazing and I kept telling him "Faster...Faster...Oh god harder!!" And I was moaning so loud I thought the neighbors could hear us but I didn't care because I was feeling pure pleasure. There was sweat forming on his forhead. I told him that I was close and he replied by panting "Me too baby, just a little longer." I just nodded my head. It's not much later he was telling me that he wants us to cum together and he wants us to look into eachothers eyes as well he said "On three baby." and I just nodded my head because I was to weak to talk and he started to count down "One.......Two.........THREE!" And we both cummed together screaming profanities and eachothers names. Once he finished riding out our orgasms, he just collapsed on top of me both of us panting trying to breathe normally again. We both finally regained our breaths and he pulled out and rolled over to my left. We just turned our heads to look at eachother and said "I love you." at the same time and we smiled together. That night we spooned and just held eachother closely because he was leaving soon for The X-Factor but we both agreed that was the best night and he told me that to him it didn't feel like sleeping together or fucking or sex. I was confused but then he finished by saying it was us making love and I couldn't agree more. He left the next morning and it was one of the hardest days of my life.


*1 week later*

I woke up one morning and I felt so sick that I ran to the bathroom and just threw up, but my mom already left for work so no one was home, so I called my friend Sally that I met at school she was like my sister and she came over right away. I was some how able to get down to the front door to let her in. Once I opened the door, we smiled at eachother then I had to run to the bathroom and throw up again. As I was hunched over the toilet Sally came over and held my hair back for me. After I was done, I stood up and walked to the sink to brush my teeth to get that awful taste out of my mouth. I was trying to figure out what was going on and then I realized I was late so I ran to my room and got under the sink for the emergency test I got before that night with Harry. I took it and waited the time while Sally came up a couple minutes later asking me to make sure I was ok. She came into my bathroom and saw the test on the sink and it went off right when she was standing by the sink I saw take a peek and when she gasped I knew what the test said. That's when I just broke down into tears while Sally sat there comforting me and rubbing my back for support. She told me that she will always be there for me whenever I need her and that my friends is why she is my best friend. I just don't understand how because we used protection, but I guess it broke. Once my mom came home from work, I was terrified on what she will say. Right when she walked through the door is when I started.

"Hey mom."

"Hi sweetie."

"Mom, I have to tell you something I need to tell you."

"Ok hunny, what is it?"

"Promise you won't get mad or do anything darastic?"

"Yes I promise."

"Here goes nothing, mom I'm pregnat."

"What? Who's the father?"

"It's Harry."

"When? And how far are you along?"

"Um the weekend that you were gone and that was like a week ago."

"Ok, have you told Harry and Anne and them?"

"No I just found out today and I wanted to tell you first."

"Alright you can do that tomarrow for now go get some rest."

"Ok mom, good night."

"Good night sweetie."


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