Shock From the Past

What happens when Harry leaves his girlfriend of two years behind to go and audition for X-factor? What happens when they bump into eachother again, will there be a suprise waiting for him, will they get back together and live a happily ever after ending, or are there going to be problems that seperate the two?


3. His house (July 2008)

So we get back to Harry's house, it was quiet cozy if I must say so myself. When we walked in Harry called out "Mum I'm back!". Next thing I know a very pretty woman came running from upstairs and engulfed Harry in a hug and it looked like she was squeezing him to death. When I was watching this I giggled a little bit because the face that Harry was making was so funny. His mum looks up from the hug and spots me. I became a little uneasy and the next thing I know I was being squeezed to death by his mother. When she first pulled me into a hug I know for a fact that I looked like a deer in headlights. Than Harry's there chuckling at me like I did to him. Harry finally decided to help me by saying "Ok mum that's enough don't suffocate her." In reply to that his mom let me go and just smiled at us both. She held me at arms length and introduced herself

"Hello love my name is Anne and I'm Harry's mother."

"Hello Anne, my name is Cassi."

"Ok so Cassi would you like anything to drink?" Harry asked me.

"Um I would like some water please." was my response. Harry just nodded and left which left me and Anne there standing alone. Then Anne started a conversation with me.

"So love, how did you and Harry meet?"

"Oh well I was just lying underneath a tree in the park watching the clouds then as I was about to fall asleep something or well I guess someone fell on me!"

She gasped "Oh my god you poor child!" Then Anne yelled at Harry saying "WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU FALL ON TOP OF THIS POOR GIRL!!!" And I just sat there and broke out laughing at how red Harry's face got and soon Anne joined me. Once we both calmed all three of us went into the kitchen and made some sandwiches. As the three of us were eating the door opened and I heard a girl yell "Hey mum I'm home!"  so Anne replied "In the kitchen!" Then in walked a very pretty girl who was deffinately Harry's sister. "Hey mum how was- oh hello I'm Gemma." "Hi I'm Cassi." I replied. She then turned to Harry and said "Well Harry she is very pretty I guess you do have good taste." When she said this, me and Harry both looked down blushing. So Gemma made herself a sandwich and joined us. We were all talking for quiet a while and then I looked at the time and thought to myself that I should be heading home now. So I stood up and said "Thank you for everything but I think I better be getting home now. Bye!"

"Cassi wait up!" Harry called after me.


"I was just thinking that maybe if you wanted to I could um, walk you home?" He asked looking down blushing.

I smiled and replied "Yea, I'd really like that thanks."

He looked up and I could see the excitement in his eyes just from that comment. He called to his mom, "Hey mum I'm gonna walk Cassi home!" "Ok sweetie!" she called back. Then Harry turned to me and said "Ready to go?" and my response was "Yup" with me popping the 'p'.


*Walking home*

As we were walking back to my house Harry and I were just chit chatting about anything and everything. It turns out that Harry lives just 10 minutes walking time. As we walked up to my door, right as I was about to walk in and shut the door Harry said

"Wait, Cassi."


"Um I was just wondering if um I could get your number and if you would um like to go out with me?" He asked looking me in the eyes and I saw the hope in his eyes.

"Yes Harry you can have my number, and I would love to go out with you." I said with a smile on my face. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek before i shut the door, at that moment, I knew I had feelings for him.




Hey I was just wondering if someone could make me a cover for my story? Please help!

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