A Baby Story

This is a story about Claire, a girl who gets drunk at a bar one night and meets a man named Louis, a man from One Direction. Her best friend named Jazmin is getting pretty close to dating.


1. the surprise

                                       " Oh no no no, no , this cant be happening!" Claire yelled as she looked at a positive pregnancy stick. Jazz walked in. " Whats not happening? " Jazz asked. " Jazz sit, we need to talk. " " I'm um um um," " SPIT IT OUT ALL READY! " Jazz  screamed. " I'm pregnant okay " Claire talked back. " well whose the father ?" Jazz asked. " Louis, from One Direction" Claire admitted. Jazz screamed " OH MY GOSH. dude your crazy man we have to talk to him but, how." Jazz said in excitement. " we cant it was a one night stand. " Claire said.

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