A Baby Story

This is a story about Claire, a girl who gets drunk at a bar one night and meets a man named Louis, a man from One Direction. Her best friend named Jazmin is getting pretty close to dating.


2. The finding

They drove around town and Claire told Jazz that she was told the father lived in new York. Claire made out with him then told eachother everything about them selves. " your so screwed " Jazz said. ". Well if I am so is Louis so I can't wait to get there" Claire said. When they got there a couple hours later Claire knocked on the door. Hey Louis it's me Claire the girl you made out with at the bar she wanted to say but before she did lliam answered the door . " go away" Jazz got really angry and barged in." hey you got my friend pregnant sow get your ass down here." Louis said " she's pregnant " in a very alarmed tone. Yeah okay that wasn't supposed to happen now I'm humiliated Claire thought. Louis said " I'm sorry but I'm not ready to be a father when I'm dating elenore still ". But you are cute. " we went to the doctor and she said that she was four months in labor! 5 months to go and Louis is already having an erdge of liking Claire .
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