The Killer's Son // Harry Styles

Alison Carter was just a regular Daddy's girl. Until her dad was taken away from her. What'll happen when she thinks her mom's boyfriend may have killed her dad? How will she react when she falls for someone she's known forever but never paid much attention to, who also happens to be her soon-to-be stepbrother? Ali tries to settle into her new life, as her dad asked. But can she do it? And how does her love life tie into this family drama? I guess you'll just have to read on to find out..


10. Chapter 9

Harry's POV

I heard the door swing open and I silently prayed that it wasn't Ali as I tried to throw Anna off me.

When I got her off I looked over to the door, seeing Ali with tear filled eyes.

Oh my god. No, no, no, no.

I looked to Anna and back to Ali then back to Anna when I saw the smirk on Anna's face I knew what she was doing.

Ali ran out of the house and I followed her.


She didn't even turn around. She just yelled, "Harry, get away from me!"

"No. Ali, you have it all wrong," I called after her.

"No, Harry. I don't. I had it all wrong. Thinking that anything between you and I could work out. We're going to be siblings for crying out loud! I don't know what was going through my head to even think that we could be together. Just go. Get away from me and go back to whoever that girl is," she spoke quietly as the tears fell down her face.

This time it was me fighting back tears. I felt them coming as she got in her car.

Why was it like this?

She thought we could be together?

So she liked me?

And Anna ruined it.

I walked back into my house and saw Sammie sitting on the couch with the remote in her hand.

"So now that that's taken care of, whatcha wanna watch?" Anna asked me.

"You're kidding, right?"

"Oh my god. Harry are you crying? Over her? Wow, never knew sluts were your type?"

"Excuse me?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"You heard me." She said as she walked over to get her purse. Anna picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder and headed towards the door.

"So that's it?"

She turned around surprised to hear me speak to her, "What?"

"That's it? You're just gonna come in here, ruin any chance I ever had of being with the girl of my dreams and just leave. You're not gonna apologize or anything. Just go?"

She laughed, "Well I won't go if that's what you're hinting at. But the apology part, not happening."

"Wow, so I guess what everyone says is true," I looked up from the ground looking into her blue orbs.

"Well that depends, what do they say hun?"

Now it was me laughing, "That you have no heart. No wonder your parents gave you up."

Wow, did I just say that?

"Oh Harry, you stupid, stupid boy. You do understand that the fact that they gave me to someone who would take care of me means they somewhat cared. But on the other hand, YOUR mom just left. She left you and didn't care who was here to take care of you," she spat.

I just stood there. No comeback for that because what she said was true. Even though for the last couple of years since she left I've tried to convince myself otherwise. That's always the conclusion I came to. She left my dad because of what he did to Ali's dad.

Which meant she cared more about him than she did me. She could've just divorced my dad and took me. But no, she had to leave us both.

She didn't care about me.


Ali's POV

I drove away from Harry's house with tears streaming down my face.

Why am I crying?

Yeah sure, I had feelings for him but we weren't together.

That girl looked awfully familiar. She had light brown hair and bright blue eyes. She had a slim figure which was complimented by the floral print jeans she had on. Her brown combat boots added to her height and her flowy light pink shirt made her look like nothing but bone. She was stunning I have to admit.

No wonder Harry chose her over me.

Ugh, I need to just forget about it. It's just a guy. A guy that's going to be my step brother.

This was for the best. We can just pretend that this never happened. Let it go.

I didn't want to go home. I knew Robert was there.

So I made a turn and headed to Hannah's since she was the only one that knew about Harry.

As I pulled into her house I spotted 2 other cars. I'd completely forgot that they were all hanging out tonight. I started to pull out of the driveway. When I saw Sammie's orange hair in my rear view mirror.




That girl with Harry was Anna!


That doesn't even make sense. I thought they broke up over the summer.

Anna is Sammie's adopted sister. She and I used to be friends until one day when I was over Anna was being a psycho bitch and I cried. I don't even remember why, I was in like 5th grade. But since my mom wasn't coming until later that afternoon I played with Sammie.


"Ali are you okay?" I heard a soft voice come from the door of the bathroom.

I thought it was Anna. I heard the door swing open and saw Sammie's orange hair.

"My sister's mean isn't she? That's why I never play with her."

I just stared at the ground.

"You can come play with me if you like," she said before skipping down the hall.

I stood up and walked to her room a few minutes later. After she saw me her eyes lit up and we played until my mom came for me.

*End of flashback*

Oh god. Here comes bitch Ali.

I opened my car door and got out not forgetting to slam my door shut.

"Wow Sammie, just wow."

I saw a smirk appear on her face, almost identical to the one Anna gave me before I left.

"Oh, What was that Ali? I couldn't hear you over all that makeup," she shot back.

I have to admit I wear a lot of makeup. After that night at Sammie's house we were inseparable. In 7th grade when we would hang out she would always talk about how happy she was that she didn't get acne like everyone else. Not in a bragging way but in a thankful way. I was so jealous of Sammie. I've always been envious of Sammie.

While a lot of kids made fun of her fiery hair, I loved it. And so did she because they're teasing never got to her.

I felt so ugly when I was around her because she's beautiful and she doesn't wear any makeup. She's just naturally perfect. So I started wearing makeup. My mom told me I was too young to start wearing makeup.

When she told me that I cried and asked her if she wanted me to be ugly.

Ever since then makeup was part of my daily routine.

"Hello? Thinking of a comeback?"

"You're kidding right. Use my weaknesses against me? Mature."

She smiled,"Did you like your surprise at Harry's house?"

I knew it, "What are you talking about?"

"Ali, don't play dumb. We all know about the little fling you've been having with Harry. And we all know you're just trying to hurt him."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Oh Ali, Ali, Ali. You think you can fool everyone. Well guess what? You can't, you can only fool Harry. Which is really cowardly, I have to admit. You can only fool him because he is so madly in love with you. Which I don't understand. But his friends, we see right through you and your little games."

"Oh my god, Sammie. Just because I stopped being friends with you doesn't mean that everything I do is evil or something," I coulndn't believe she was talking like this to me. "And what do you mean little games?"

"We know that you don't really like him. You're just pushing his buttons, you think that if you can break his heart he'll talk his dad out of marrying your mom."

Wow, this chick is seriously psycho.

"Well, thanks for thinking that I'm smart enough to think of a plan like that. But you and I both know I would never think of anything like that. And no, I may not be Robert's number one fan but I want my mom to be happy."

"Okay. Whatever you say. But I know the truth. And now you don't have to worry about it because Harry is probably getting back with Anna right now," she said through her smirk.

So Sammie sent her over there.

"I'll have you know, when I was there he was doing all he could to get her off of him."

I heard her spit something back but I couldn't make out the words, I just got into my car and left.


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