The Killer's Son // Harry Styles

Alison Carter was just a regular Daddy's girl. Until her dad was taken away from her. What'll happen when she thinks her mom's boyfriend may have killed her dad? How will she react when she falls for someone she's known forever but never paid much attention to, who also happens to be her soon-to-be stepbrother? Ali tries to settle into her new life, as her dad asked. But can she do it? And how does her love life tie into this family drama? I guess you'll just have to read on to find out..


11. Chapter 10

Ali's POV

Now I feel really bad for not letting Harry explain now.

I drove in silence back to his house.

*20 minutes later*

When I got to his house I saw him sitting on the porch with his guitar next to him on the little swing that was bolted to the ceiling.

He looked up and smiled when he saw me. I got out of my car as he stood up and walked towards where I was at. When we started inching closer he ran and pulled me into a hug, my arms around his torso and his around my neck.

"You came back," he whispered in my hair.

I slightly nodded my head. I don't know how this wasn't awkward, it's like the second day we actually spent time together and he's holding me like I belong here. I feel like I do.

"Harry," I let the words fall out of my mouth before I chickened out. "I'm really sorry for going off on you like that and storming off. I feel so bad for leaving without hearing you out, but when I got to Hannah's and Sammie was there," I continued as his face twisted at the way I said her name. "She said that she sent Anna here and then it all made sense," I paused. I shrugged my shoulders, "So here I am."

His face was frozen the way it was when I mentioned Sammie.

"Sammie?" he asked.

I nodded curtly as if I had just blown someone's cover.

"Wow, I should've known," he spat. "If Anna really wanted me back she would've come long before."

Wait, did he just.. He sounded like he wanted Anna back. Maybe he did.

He knocked me out of my thoughts as he hugged me again, "Ali, I don't want to be with her," he said softly as he read my mind.

"Okay," I smiled. Why do I feel so protective over him, like he's mine? He's not. And, sadly, I don't think he ever will be.

He suddenly broke the comfortable silence, "So how about we get going on those lessons?"

I laughed, "I thought I told you that you didn't have to teach me."

"I know, but I want too now that we kinda already started," he looked at me, his eyes sparkling.

"Alright," I sighed.

We walked back to the porch after I got my guitar.

"Let me just grab my guitar, you go in and I'll meet you there," he stated walking towards the swing.

"No, let's stay out here today," I said to him.

He looked anxious, "Are you sure? It's going to start getting cold."

"Aww, is Harry scared of the cold?" I teased.

He chuckled, "Well, I guess we can." He quickly left my side and walked to the swing. I saw Harry pick up something and toss it behind the swing.

"What was that?" I grinned at him.

He shrugged,"What are you talking about?"

I laughed, "Oh, Harry. You are not good at lying, hiding, nor acting." I walked over to the swing and bent down. Behind the swing was a purple notebook, I reached out and grabbed it. When I stood up with the book in my hands Harry quickly grabbed it.

"Hey!" I shouted.

"What? There's nothing for you to see here."

I giggled, "And it's that statement that makes me know there is."

"Well, there's not."

I tried to snatch the notebook from Harry but he then lifted it over his head, causing me to jump and try to reach it.

"Harry!" I grunted. "Give me!"

He chuckled and shook his head.

"I'm glad you find this amusing, now hand it over."


"Fine," I said. "I give up."

As I sat down on the swing, he sat down next to me setting the notebook on the side. Ha, he really thought I gave up. I quickly grabbed the book and ran down the steps.

Harry jumped up and ran after me, "Ali!!" he shouted. "I thought you gave up!"

"HA HA! You thought wrong!! Alison Carter never gives up! NEVER!" I shouted as I ran around his yard.

He chased me around for about 5 minutes before stopping, panting.

"Alright, alright. You win," he said between breaths. "You can read it."

I stopped and grinned at him, "Yes!"

I opened the book and looked through the pages that were all full of words on almost every page. After a minute of looking through Harry's scribbled handwriting I realized these were lyrics. There was more than that one song he sang before.

I looked up at him and smiled. He instantly started blushing.

"What?" I asked him.


"You're blushing, why?"

He shrugged.

"Harry! These are really good! You have to sing for me!" I shouted running towards him, charging into him causing both of us to fall on the grass.

"Nuh uh," Harry said as he shook his head.

I turned and looked at him, "Pleeaasseeee."

He chuckled again and rolled his eyes.

After about 10 minutes of begging he finally agreed. We stood up and walked back to the porch. Once we sat down he picked up his guitar and handed me the book.

"Which one?" he asked.

I shrugged, "Whichever you like the best."

"Well, it's my music so I don't have one I like best."

I sighed, "Ugh, fine." I grabbed the book from him and opened it.

After flipping through it for a moment I came to a song titled Little Things. I pointed to it and said, "This one."

He smiled and started strumming his guitar.

Your hand fits in mine
Like it's made just for me
But bear this in mind
It was meant to be
And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me

Harry's voice was raspy and gorgeous. I picked up the book and followed along as he sang.

I know you've never loved
The crinkles by your eyes
When you smile
You've never loved
Your stomach or your thighs,
The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine
But I'll love them endlessly

I can't believe he wrote this. It's so.. so beautiful. As he started to come to the next verse I joined him.

I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth
But if I do
It's you
Oh, it's you they add up to
I'm in love with you
And all these little things

As soon as I starting singing he looked at me with the biggest smile on his face. He finished the song, with me joining in at occasional times. I hadn't noticed but as we sang we inched together. The only thing between our bodies was his guitar.

"I didn't know you sing."

I laughed, "You don't know my middle name, why would you know I sing?"

He smirked.

"Well, I don't really sing. I just well I do sing, but only in the car and shower," I started to explain.

"Ali, you're good."

I shook my head.

"Yeah, you are," he argued.

"Not as good as you," I said.

"Psh, no one's as good as me," he joked.

I smiled at him, then I noticed how close we still were.

Harry looked at me, "No seriously, you're amazing."

"Thanks, I know," I said sarcastically, pushing his shoulder.

He instantly grabbed his shoulder and swore under his breath. That couldn't have hurt him.

"Harry, are you alright? I'm sorry, I didn't think I hit that hard," I started rambling.

"No I'm fine," he said. "Just a bruise from before."

"From what?"

"Nothing," he said quickly, standing up. "We should get inside, it's getting dark."

I grabbed his wrist. "Harry, tell me."

He yanked his arm from me and looked me in the eye, "Ali, it's nothing. Just let it go."

He walked in the house and I picked up my guitar and followed. We both sat down on the couch talking about everything except what just happened outside. It had seemed like he forgot it, but I hadn't. And I wouldn't until I knew.

At about 10:30 I was packing up my guitar and backpack getting ready to go. As I walked to the door with Harry by my side I stopped and turned on my heel and looked at him.


He stared down at me, "Hmm?"

"Can you please tell me?" I almost begged.

"Tell you what?" he asked obviously playing dumb.

"Harry, your arm." I said looking to his arm.

He picked up the arm that I wasn't talking about.

"What about it?" he smiled.

I felt my face stiffen,"Harry.."

He sighed, "Why do you have to know?"

"Please, I'm worried now."

Harry laughed, "Why? It's nothing serious."

"If it's not serious just tell me, if you don't I probably won't sleep tonight."

"Fine." He took off the purple Jack Wills sweatshirt he was wearing revealing a huge bruise on his shoulder.

I gasped, "Oh my god! What happened?!"


Harry's POV

Ali's jaw almost touched the ground, "Oh my god! What happened?!"

That's the question I had been dreading hearing since last night. After my dad came home with that girl and Ali left he came downstairs. He shoved me into the wall asking why I had a girl here so late.

After I explained to him that it was only 9:30 he let me go after leaving a bruise on my shoulder.

"I walked into a pole," I simply replied.

I heard Ali laugh under her breath, "Oh, Harry."

She turned for the door and I followed her out.

"What are you doing?" she giggled.

"What? I can't be a gentleman and walk a lady to her car." As soon as we stepped out the door I was hit by a rush of cold air, my eyes went to Ali who was only in shorts and a t- shirt. I handed her my sweatshirt. She laughed before taking it and slipping it over her. It looked huge on her.

"Alright then, let's go before we both freeze," she smiled.

We walked to her car and she turned to me and said, "Thanks Harry."

"For what?" I raised an eyebrow.

"For tonight, I had a lot of fun. Just hanging out. And we never got to that guitar playing," she laughed.

"Ahh, right. I forgot again," I said honestly.

"Like always," she winked. "But seriously thank you."

Before I realized it she was on her toes trying to kiss my cheek.

Without thinking I turned and felt her warm lips crash into mine. She was hesitant but after a second she returned the kiss.


Hello lovelies,

I hope this is long enough for you all. There you go! They finally kissed, you deserved it because I'm like super late with an update. I don't know when my next update will be but I won't make you all wait too long.

Thanks for reading. :*

xx. Alyssa

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