~Last Goodbye

Scarlet is a 17 year old girl who, after a harsh breakup, is forced to live with her older brother and his band mates. When all seems to be going well, Scar's crazy ex-boyfriend shows up begging for her to take him back. Will Scarlet go back to him? Or will she fall for one of the boys?


5. Chapter 5.

   I began to open my eyes, but my vision was fuzzy. From what I could make out, I was laying in bed, and was surrounded by white walls. I slowly tried to sit up, but was pushed right back down from the pounding headache I had. My vision was starting to clear, since I could see Louis and Zayn sitting in the chairs next to my bed, with tears in their eyes. They had been crying.

"I want to sit up." I mumbled, barely loud enough for them to hear. They both looked over to me in shock.

"You're awake." Zayn said hugging me and slowly helping to sit me up. 

"What happened?" I asked placing my hand to my head. 

"You and Harry were in a bad car crash" Louis said, almost silently. I began to freak out, what had happened?!

"Oh my god! Where's Harry? Is he okay? I can't do this again Zayn never. Please let me go see him. I can't just lay here I-"

"Scar calm down. Harry is fine, he checked out this morning. He only has a small concussion." Zayn said sitting next to me on the bed. 

"Where's Niall and Liam?" I asked fiddling with my fingers.

"Liam went to Dani's to tell her about what's happening, and Niall should be back any minute." I nodded and rested my head on Zayn's shoulder. A couple minutes later, just as Zayn had said, Niall walked through the door. When he saw me he ran over, gave me a huge hug, and kiss on the cheek. 

"Scar, are you alright? He asked. I don't think he could get more concerned. 

"Niall I'm alright, really I'm fine." I smiled and grabbed his hands pulling him onto the bed and into a tight hug. I nuzzled my nose into the crook of his neck and held back the tears.This is the second time now that this has happened, and I don't know if I can handle it anymore. I heard the door to the room close, and figured the boys had left us to be alone. I couldn't fight back the tears anymore, I just let them flow.

"Scarlet you're not alright, what's wrong?" He pulled away from the hug, and wiped the salty tears from my cheeks. I sighed and stared down at my hands. He gently placed his over mine, forcing me to look up into his beautiful blue eyes. 

"You really want to know?" I asked scrunching my eyebrows together.

"Yeah Scarlet, I do." He had a serious look on his face, waiting for me to speak. I sighed again, knowing I had to let it out sometime.

"I killed someone."


  ~A/N~ Uh oh Scar baby :( Will she tell him her story??????  Comment/Like/Favorite <3 Thanks Lovelies <3 Sorry this one was short, the next one won't be I promisee.

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