~Last Goodbye

Scarlet is a 17 year old girl who, after a harsh breakup, is forced to live with her older brother and his band mates. When all seems to be going well, Scar's crazy ex-boyfriend shows up begging for her to take him back. Will Scarlet go back to him? Or will she fall for one of the boys?


10. Chapter 10.

    I kissed him. Harry Styles. Any girl would kill to be in my position right now. But me? When I was with him I didn't think of him as some one famous. I thought of him as Harry. I slowly pulled away smiling down at our hands to hide the redness I could feel burning my cheeks. I could hear Harry laugh quietly and place a finger under my chin.

"You're adorable when you blush" He said, making me blush even more. His smile widened as he set my laptop onto my desk, coming back over and sitting next to me. "Scar, I was wondering.." He paused, looking for his words. "Will you go out with me tomorrow night? I mean if you don't want to I totally under-" 

"Harry I would love to" I smiled and kissed his cheek, Liam then opened the door.

"Oh uh, we were just going to watch a movie... You want to join us?" I laughed and nodded. We all walked downstairs, but I parted and went into the kitchen. I searched through the fridge, but couldn't find anything that looked good. 

"Were out of good food" I jumped and turned around to see Niall standing there with a smile on his face. I groaned loudly and he laughed.

"BUT I'M HUNGRYYYY" I yelled a little too loud. He held up a finger, and I waited. He walked out of the room, and back in with a bag. He placed it on the table and I quickly opened it. My jaw dropped.

"ICEEE CREEAAAMMMM!!!!" I shouted throwing my hands. At this point all the boys came in and were giggling. I ignored them and grabbed my bowl and spoon, putting the chocolate into it. 

"Scarlet you're never going to sleep!" Liam said taking the bin away. I pouted and stomped out to the living room, leaving the boys laughing. When they all came in I sent each of them glares, and ate my ice cream on the couch. Harry sat next to me, and I sent a glare to him as well. He put a hand over his heart trying to act hurt. I did my best to hold back a smile, but he saw right through it. 

"Ahh I see it, can't hide it Scar" He said poking my dimple that was just barely showing. I smiled and ate my ice cream, finishing seconds after Niall. 

"I BEAT YA!" He yelled while doing a little happy dance. I pouted and handed him my bowl, which he gladly put in the sink. When we all finished we decided to put in The Hangover. I sat to the right of Harry, and the left of Louis. We were close enough that our hands were brushing against each other. I grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch and draped it over my self. Harry then grabbed the edge of it, covering him up too. He then took my hand in his when they were both under the blanket. I gave him a small smile, then turned back to the movie. About halfway through, Liam had gone to the kitchen to make milkshakes for us all. He handed them each to us, me and Harry both using the hand opposite to each other, Louis looked over and made a face, then quickly ripped off the blanket, revealing our intertwined fingers. Louis jumped up on the couch pointing at our hands. 

"THERE HOLDING HANDS MATES THERE HOLDING HANDS!" He continued jumping, before finally calming down. I looked to Niall who winked giving me an 'I told you so' look, and I rolled my eyes. 

"Okay Louis we get it!" Harry said laughing. Louis threw himself over my lap and into Harry's arms.

"I'm proud of you mate" He said grabbing his shoulders and looking at him. We were all laughing, and finally got back to the movie. Only this time, I snuggled into Harry with his arm locked around my waist. Before I knew it, I was falling into a deep sleep, safely in Harry's arms. 


   ~A/N~ Sorry this ones so short! Was a bit of a filler haha gotta love those .xx Anyway, next will be longer. Please comment on what you think of Harlet???!!!!!  <3  

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