Every Fangirls Dream.(An R5 FanFic.)

There's No easy way to sum this up...so read it to find out!


1. Jitters.

"Razzie?!" Yelled Ross as she ran into his arms.

  "It's been forever."   Ross' POV  Just your average concert- No big deal. Gosh, pull yourself together.    One of my 3 brothers, (Rocky), walked in the dressing room, shirtless, and appears to be eating on a bagel.   "Jitters?" He asked.    "Yeah," I said, rubbing my shaky hands together, "BAD."   "Why? It's not like there's BILLIONS of people sitting in front of their TV, dying to hear Crazy 4 U be the sexy R5. No biggie." He replied.    My brother Riker and my sister Rydel walked in the room, along with our closest family friend/drummer, Ellington Ratliff.    Rydel threw a shirt at Rocky, along with his signature black vest.    "Okay guys, we've got this. On 3."   "1,2,3...READY SET ROCK!"   I'M gonna mess up. I know it.    ~☆~  
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