Wings are meant to fly

*for the "inspired by a song" *

I want to be up as I can, I want to catch the parts of the cloud. I want to grow wings in my back, as fairy tales.
I want to race the wind.
I want simply to fly ღ


2. Open your wings my little butterfly

"It is simple" she said, with a concern face."please mom, tell me! I can't wait, I wanna fly!" I exclaimed. She let out some laughs, and continued," when you don't waste your time over this little things, don't care what they say to you! Whatever the say, they can keep it with themselves! Just give your back, and walk, which later make you fly up, at the clouds."

   I was shocked, and didn't believe, that I, myself, made myself down. If I just didn't hear them, I would have how been up at the clouds. Confidence run up my spine. "When you do that, beautiful wings, will grow right here." As she points my back. I giggle, and remember the fairy tales."so what is your answer?" 

"Fly as a butterfly, with my little wings, and put my back to anyone who bothers me!" She giggles, as she high-five me.

*1 day later*

"hey you slutty face!" John giggles. As what my mom said, don't care, and give your back. I did exactly what I have been told to do, as I reliaze weight have been released from my body. I am light as a feather, nobody could harm me, when I can fly!

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