Wings are meant to fly

*for the "inspired by a song" *

I want to be up as I can, I want to catch the parts of the cloud. I want to grow wings in my back, as fairy tales.
I want to race the wind.
I want simply to fly ღ


1. "Fly like a butterfly"

I had always been a fan of flying as far as I can, it have been my dream for ages. When I was kid, maybe 5 years old or less, I would always give strange questions like,"can I buy wings?" Or even,"may I grow wings in my back when I grow up?" My parents would simply smile, and nod. After all, kids stay kids, isn't it?

 All my plans to fly, have been crushed down. Since I got these hurtful words,"you are ugly" or "man, won't you just get the heck outta here?" Many words which broke my heart to peices. I had also been bullied, and get this scars all over my body.

this all caused me a breakdown. I would lock up myself and cry, but today I didn't lock the door, but is ply cry at bed, making it wet."hey Alex, u are crying?" My mom came in, hugging me."can I know what bothers my lovely daughter?" I chuckled." Mom, I would never fly, everyone keep bulling me, say hurtful statements, mom I will never be able to stay up! I would just fall down, as the rain" I cried, as she hugged me closer to her.

"you know, my friend had always told me something that makes me always surprised! It is a secret don't tell anyone okay!" She winked. I nod, as I wonder how it might help me. She dries the tears that hang up in my face." Did you know everyone is an unborn butterfly?" I got shocked for a second, and she continues," anyone can get born, but in one case!" Now iam deadly excited! What can it be? How, will I be able to fly again up the sky?

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