My lovely dad! [Editing]

This is about my life as daughter to Niall Horan.....My name is Nix but some calling me Nixe.....What happened with my mom? Can something happen because me with the lad`s? Find out here!


4. Where?

I woke up in a plane under a big duvet. I was actually first to wake up. ;) 

I started to think back at yesterday.......What did Louis mean with I love you....(Nothing weird with that he say so this girl is just a little confused) probably just because he like my other dad as everyone in the band. 

I saw someone wake up in front of me it was Louis:

-MORNING! I said 

.MOOORNING!! Louis siad

-So should we wake everyone else up? I said

-Yeah lets jump on them!! He said

After two minutes everyone was awake

-So did you woke her up before Louis? Zayn asked

-Nononoo! I would never let anyone get that opinion to not get wake up in my way! She was awake when I woke up for like 5 minutes ago! Louis said

-WAS SHE?!?!?! Dad screamed and looked at me weird

-YEEEESH I was!!!! I said 

-Why?! Dad asked

-I don`t know I just woke up.....I said to dad

My dad has never actually never let me follow them around so much but he promised me when i was 7 to follow him on tour and everything when I was 10 I am 9 but I gonna be 10 in 10th of November  ;).

*Niall`s P.O.V*

It`s feels like my little Nixie don`t like me anymore....She is with Louis the whole time and ignoring me.......I hope she like me...... I need to ask her......

The lad`s went to the kind of kitchen area and Nixie was on her way when

-Nixie?! I said

-Yes dad? She asked

-Are you coming Nixie? Louis said 

-I coming soon just gonna talk to dad...She said 

-Okay! Louis said and walked away.

-SO what did you wanted to talk about dad? She asked you don`t like me any more.......I said nervous

-I have never liked you dad! She said

My face just dropped 

-I have always LOVEEEEED you!!!!! She said with a huge smile and hugged me

-OMG you scared the shit out of me!!! I said and hugged her.

*Nix`s P.O.V*

I made my dad feel like I din`t like him D: That hurt me I never wanted him to feel like that today i gonna be with him much but with everyone else of course.

Dad took me up in bridal style and walked over to the lad`s

-So what did you talked about? Louis asked.......

-That your really wanna know! I said

He looked mad at me but playfully mad.

-Btw where are we going? I asked

-We are going to USa! Liam said

-YAY!!!But when are we there? I asked and looked confused.

-We have landed already.Liam said

-But why are we here then? I asked

-We need to eat and change clothes.Liam said

-aha I see! I said

*30 minutes later*

-Are we ready? Liam asked 

-Yesh sir! I said

  We walked out of the plane and it was so many fans there and the lad`s took like 10 minutes to write autographs and dad held hand with me all the time.

When we came in the van. dad still held my hand.

-Can I ask one question? I said

-You already have! Louis said I rolled my eyes

-What are we gonna do here in USA? I asked

-The are writhing songs to us here so we gonna see some songs the have written to us. Liam said

-Okay. I said


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