My lovely dad! [Editing]

This is about my life as daughter to Niall Horan.....My name is Nix but some calling me Nixe.....What happened with my mom? Can something happen because me with the lad`s? Find out here!


14. Not home?

*Nix`s pov*

"Okay now we are here but where are we going now?" I said

"We are now going to go to Australia we was in New York" Liam said

"Okay but what are we gonna do in Australia?" I asked

"We gonna met our families" Liam said

"Oh everyone?" I asked with little nervous

"Yep why so nervous?" Liam said

"I don`t want to say it near dad he is just gonna cry.."I whispered to Liam 

"Okay then follow me over to this room" Liam said and started to walk I followed him

"Okay you said every families....I started to think on my mom and asked if she should come.....But she is never coming back...." I said and looked on the floor

"I am sorry Nixie" He said and hugged me

"Me too" I said and hugged him back

"NIXIE!!" I heard dad yell 

"YEAH!?" I said and came behind him and hugged him

"There you are Nix" He smiled

"Yep I am" I said and smiled back

"What where you two doing?" He said

"We where just looking f-" I started but I was cut of but Liam

"We where just looking for my phone but I found it" Liam lied and smiled

"ehhhhhh...Okay" Dad said

"So who am I siting with this time?" I said

"With me!" Harry screamed 

"Okay coming!" I said and ran over to him

"Hi!" I said happily 

"Hi Nix long time ago we where with each other" He said 

"Yeah I miss that" I said 


I was 9 years old and I was at Harry`s flat and we had a "Own Party" (It was just me and Harry)

"Do you and a drink?" Harry asked and took out a Coke 

"Do you have another drink?" I said and smiled

"Yeah I have 7Up" He said and took out a 7Up

"Okay can I have the 7Up please?" I said 

"of course" Harry said and gave me the 7Up and he took a Coke

"So music?" I said 

"Yes I forgot sorry" Harry said and walked over to his Ipod and played their old song LWWY

"I love this song!" I said and put the 7Up on a table

"LET`S DANCE!!" Harry yelled and he started to dance like crazy and so did I 

*End of Flashback*

"Do you remember when I was 9 and we had our Own Party?" I said and started to laugh

"Yes! that was awesome" Harry said and laughed with me

*3 hours later*

"Oh how long is it left?" I said

"About I don`t know exactly but long...." Harry said

"Oh okay" I said

The rest of the flight me and Harry just joked around and we didn't sleep at all but the lad`s where really mad at us....Hehe



Sorry for really crappy chapter I just started school....But I had a short first day....As usual 

But we gonna try to update.....But it is hard to find the time to do that.....But I hope it was okay.....


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