Arranged Marriage (A Harry Styles Fan-Fiction)

Annabelle was the good-girl of the school and was graduating at the top of her class. But her parents had a better idea for a present than a car, marriage. She is forced to marry famous, Harry Styles, for his own good. Will she grow to love him, or not?


3. Chapter 2


What the hell were they thinking? I mean did they really pick that boring old goody goody Annabelle. Ugh, FML. She hates me she would never agree to this. "Okay so Annabelle and I talked it over and she agreed" My eyes popped out of my head. "WHAT?" "Harry!!" my mum said. With that I stormed out of there, I  heard someone come after me I thought it was my mum but it was the one and only, Annabelle. "Look I'm sorry I only agreed to this because of my parents-" I cut her off "Of course you must obey mummy and daddy don't you" "No" "Just stop okay!!" She yelled and then I lost it. I pushed her up the diner walls. "Don't yell at me" I gritted through my teeth. She was gasping for air and she did the unthinkable , she hit me where most men don't want to. By then she escaped and my mum came up and yelled the worst thing possible "Sara quick, we might never get any grandkids now" EWWW.. I would never. 


Once I heard that I panicked "MUM??" " Sorry honey"

"Yeah so Harry honey Annabelle will be moving in today, okay?" "No not okay" 

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