Arranged Marriage (A Harry Styles Fan-Fiction)

Annabelle was the good-girl of the school and was graduating at the top of her class. But her parents had a better idea for a present than a car, marriage. She is forced to marry famous, Harry Styles, for his own good. Will she grow to love him, or not?


2. Chapter 1


As we walked into the diner I noticed that Harry and his family were sitting in the same area that we were headed. Oh no. I could see in the look of his eyes he was pissed. "Mum what are we doing here?"

"We are having lunch with the Styles" " But why?" "Because this involves your present" "Oh"

As we sat I was put next to Harry. Oh great. "So you are both wondering why we called you guys here" Harry's mum,Anne, said. "Uhh... duh" Harry said rudely. 

"Well we have decided since you are both eighteen and Harry is almost nineteen, we are going to get you two married" my eyes widened as she said that.

"What the fuck gave you guys that idea?"Harry screamed. "Harold Edwards Styles, lower your voice and quit that swearing, I have told you I don't like it" "Whatever" 

"Uhh.. mum can I talk to you?"

"Sure, whats up?" " I can't get married , one I want to start college, two I hate his guts" "Honey I know its just that it would be good for you and Harry" I took a deep breath "Okay for you"

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