Life Makes Love Look Hard

" LOVE sometimes comes as a DREAM and leaves like a NIGHTMARE" - Unknown

Annabell, a girl who loves her life, enjoys every moment of it and never misses even a single opportunity of having fun. She has everything and wants nothing from her life. But, no one can be perfect, everyone is scarred and so is Anna. She has trust issues, some secrets from her past that she wants to keep buried.

Harry, part of the biggest boy band “ONE DIRECTION”. He has a great family and four amazing people as his best mates. He has everything but still he feels as if there is a missing piece in his life and is desperate to find it.

But then Harry meets Anna. She teaches him what living is for and helps him to find the missing piece of his life. But will Anna be able to trust Harry? Will she be able to let go of her past?

Just when Harry starts thinking that nothing could possibly go wrong, that’s exactly when things start to fall apart.

Will this be just an another fling or a beginning of an epic love?


2. When I saw your face, I fell in love.



“More one hour!!! Are you certain?” Louis was now literally yelling at the lady, sitting at the counter who now seemed a bit scared.

“Yes, sir. I am certain that the flight is delayed by an hour and half. The weather is too cloudy and we don’t want to take a risk. So we are waiting for the sky to clear and then only we can let you board the flight. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.” She said very politely in spite of Louis’ yelling.

“Come on, Louis, if by yelling at the poor lady they were to let us board the plane sooner then we all would have joined you but that is not going to happen, so leave it.” Liam said before Louis could yell anymore and then he apologized to the lady on behalf of Louis and dragged him to where we were sitting.

“Great job mate. Simon is going to be very proud of you when he will read tomorrow’s paper’s headline–Louis Tomlinson of One Direction lost his brain and was yelling at a lady at the airport counter.” Niall said dramatically and it was really funny as he had his mouth full of the pizza.

“You think this is funny Harold? I will see what you will do when you have a girlfriend whom you haven’t seen for past 5 months.” Louis snapped at me since I was grinning like an idiot at Niall’s comment.

“Well, A- I don’t have a girlfriend and B- I will definitely not yell at anyone because I am not as impatient as you are Lou.” I smirked at him while walked to sit beside me and pouted.

We all were waiting for this break for a long time but now we are forced to sit at this airport for what felt like days and I am to go back home and meet my family. Even Gemma is home at this moment and after so much touring and travelling I want some peace and family time. To be honest, we all are tired and want some family time.

“EEEEEEE!!! OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS REAL…. OH MY GOSH!!” I heard someone yell and at that very instant I knew that fans have recognized us and now nothing can stop the papz to find us.

I stood up and looked in the direction from where the voice came and saw a girl running towards us but that was not what stopped me dead on my tracks. It was another girl who seemed to be panicked by the screaming. She seemed afraid, as if she was hiding from someone and thought for a second that she was found. But she relaxed when she saw the girl who yelled running towards us. Even when she was panicking she looked absolutely gorgeous, she was tall about 5’6” I guess and had black hair. Well that was all I could see because she was wearing sunglasses and beanie and her face was not visible. Also now the security around us suddenly increased and so did the number of fan who now completely surrounded us and I lost her in the crowd. She was not alone because before I lost her, I saw her say something to a guy who was standing beside her. But all I knew was that when I saw her face, I fell in love.


We spent about half an hour, signing the autographs, chatting and taking photographs with our fans that are absolutely amazing and lovely. We totally love them but I can’t say the same about the papz. But this whole time I wasn't even focusing on what I was doing because my mind was still stuck on that girl wondering who she was and whom she was hiding from. I know I should have paid more attention to our fans but I was not able to take her picture out of my mind. For the past half an hour, I was continuously thinking about her. I had to find her no matter what happens.

So I left the boys and quickly sneaked out of there, disguising myself as best I can, hiding from everyone to find her. I couldn't stop thinking about her – her perfect brown hair which fell on her shoulders, half hidden under her beanie, the way she seemed worried about something which was clearly noticeable even though she had her shades on. But who was the guy with her? Was he her boyfriend? He could be, after all she was no less than an angel. Or maybe he was just a friend or even could be her brother.

Uhh!! I can’t believe this… Just one look and she has already started driving me crazy. It took her just a minute, to steal my heart. I have been walking for almost ten minutes now and I am not even a step closer to find her.

I saw a coffee shop and decided to buy one. At least, I will have something to give me company while I try to find her. As I started walking towards the shop, my phone buzzed. I took it out and there was one message from Liam asking where I am. I quickly typed that I went to find a washroom, sent it and kept my phone back in my pocket.

Since I wasn't looking where I was going, I accidentally bumped into someone, spilling his or her entire coffee on my jacket. Shit! That was my favorite one!!

Just GREAT!!



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