Life Makes Love Look Hard

" LOVE sometimes comes as a DREAM and leaves like a NIGHTMARE" - Unknown

Annabell, a girl who loves her life, enjoys every moment of it and never misses even a single opportunity of having fun. She has everything and wants nothing from her life. But, no one can be perfect, everyone is scarred and so is Anna. She has trust issues, some secrets from her past that she wants to keep buried.

Harry, part of the biggest boy band “ONE DIRECTION”. He has a great family and four amazing people as his best mates. He has everything but still he feels as if there is a missing piece in his life and is desperate to find it.

But then Harry meets Anna. She teaches him what living is for and helps him to find the missing piece of his life. But will Anna be able to trust Harry? Will she be able to let go of her past?

Just when Harry starts thinking that nothing could possibly go wrong, that’s exactly when things start to fall apart.

Will this be just an another fling or a beginning of an epic love?


1. This fame thing, I dont get it.



“Uhh!!! Why does this always happen with me?” My brother started complaining and as usual I just ignored him.

We were supposed to board a flight to London about half an hour ago but due to the weather it has been delayed by an hour and a half. So we have been sitting here for about half an hour and still an entire hour is left. Now, that is very frustrating.

“I mean every time, EVERY FREAKING TIME I board a plane, it gets FREAKING DELAYED!! Do these pilots have a problem with me or what? I just don’t-“ I know he is also irritated by the delay just like me but that doesn't meant that he can just start complaining and irritate me more. Sometimes it makes me ponder on the fact whether he is really twenty-three years old or just a boy with a body of an adult but brain of a two year old and his whining was not at all helping with my already pissed off mood. So I just cut him.

“Andrew, will you please just stop whining like a five year old? This is a public place and there are chances that paparazzi would be here. So please just stop trying to attract people towards you because if anyone notices us, it won’t take even a second for the papz to find us and all our hard work would be just a waste of time. So just shut the hell up.” I snapped at him. I usually don’t talk to him like that but I was really pissed right now and on top of that Andrew was continuously whining which was, to be honest, not helping at all to make me feel better.

“But-“ He continued and I just gave him a death glare, hoping he would understand that I am not in a mood to argue and shut his mouth. “Whatever.” He mumbled and plugged in his headphones and sank down in the seat.

I looked around us to check if the papz found us but I was glad when I saw none. You must be thinking why I am so worried about the papz. It’s not that we are pop stars or something but my mom is a very famous fashion designer and my dad is the biggest tycoon in the world. So yeah, the papz want to know what exactly the children of of these people do.

As for me, I have modeled once for Burberry because my mom practically forced me to even though I had absolutely zero interest in it. So, after that I refused all other offers and decided to go to university. I applied for various Universities but I was interested in only one, London College of Fashion where I surprisingly got selected. So, here I am in the airport of L.A. along with my brother, waiting to board the flight to London.

My brother on the other hand has a completely different story. He has already started working with dad, going to various meetings and finalizing deals with other companies. Today he is here because he is supposed to attend a meeting in London. As a family, I don’t think that I could get any better people in my life as my parents and brother. Even though my mom and dad are always busy with their work they tend to find time to be with us. We don’t have any family issues, no secrets and I am certainly not a troubled teenager. I didn't even realized that I had slipped into my world until I saw Andrew’s hand flash in front of me.

“If you are again going make me listen you whine, I'm not interested.” I said without even looking at him.

“Nope, that was not my idea. I was wondering since we still have a lot of time with us and my back is now killing me, we can explore the airport.” He smiled when he saw my head turn in his way. He knew i was interested.

“I would love to have some exploring time but have you even cared enough to wonder what will happen if we get noticed.”

“That is not a problem, little sister. Why have we brought our sunglasses and beanies? Come on, let’s go.” He said as he tried to pull me from my chair.

“Fine.” I smiled. No matter how pissed off I am at him at a moment, he always finds a way to cheer me up.

We were randomly walking in the airport, enjoying our little exploration trip when suddenly….

“EEEEEEE!!! OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS REAL…. OH MY GOSH!!” I heard someone yell on top of her voice just behind us. I quickly turned to see if she was screaming because of us but I was proved wrong when she ran past us towards a group of guys. Andrew was literally frozen at his place.

“We are safe.” I giggled looking his expression.

“I thought the papz are going to find us and then you know what happens.” He trailed off but I knew exactly what he meant. If the papz would have found us then they would have asked stupid questions and then would have come up with another twisted story for the world to hear.

So, we decided to go in other direction. If these guys have fan following then they are definitely famous which would mean the papz are going to be here in any second. I gave one last look to those guys who were now surrounded by a huge crowd and secretly thanking them for being more famous because they just saved us. I don’t get why the papz are behind famous people. Honestly, I don’t get this fame thing at all.

Andrew has to go to use the washroom and as I was looking at the shops my eyes landed on a coffee shop. Since, it was cold I decided to purchase coffee. I gave an order for two hot chocolate and while I was asked to wait I decided to call mom.

“Anna, why are you calling me right now? Are you allowed to call from your plane?” Crap! We forgot to tell mom that our flight was delayed.

“Mom, actually our flight got delayed by an hour and a half. So we are still at the airport and please don’t freak out. I know we should have informed you but we completely forgot. I am so sorry.”

“Yes, you should have informed me before but it is fine. Anyway where is Andrew? How longer will you have to wait?”

“Andrew is in the washroom and I am purchasing coffee. We have more half an hour and yeah if you are wondering about the papz, they haven’t found us yet. So overall, we are good.” I said hope she won’t just get worried about us.

“That’s good. Baby, I am so sorry but I have to go right now have to attend a meeting.”

“It's fine, mom. Love you.”

“Love you too, sweetheart and take care. Call me as soon as you reach London. Ok? Bye.”

“I will. Bye.” With that I disconnected the call, kept my phone in my pocket and went to collect my order.

As I was walking back to where I was supposed to meet Andrew, I bumped into someone spilling my entire coffee on that person.

Just GREAT!!



Anna's Look :

Andrew's Look:


Title: E - BOW THE LETTER by R.E.M.

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