Life Makes Love Look Hard

" LOVE sometimes comes as a DREAM and leaves like a NIGHTMARE" - Unknown

Annabell, a girl who loves her life, enjoys every moment of it and never misses even a single opportunity of having fun. She has everything and wants nothing from her life. But, no one can be perfect, everyone is scarred and so is Anna. She has trust issues, some secrets from her past that she wants to keep buried.

Harry, part of the biggest boy band “ONE DIRECTION”. He has a great family and four amazing people as his best mates. He has everything but still he feels as if there is a missing piece in his life and is desperate to find it.

But then Harry meets Anna. She teaches him what living is for and helps him to find the missing piece of his life. But will Anna be able to trust Harry? Will she be able to let go of her past?

Just when Harry starts thinking that nothing could possibly go wrong, that’s exactly when things start to fall apart.

Will this be just an another fling or a beginning of an epic love?


8. My heart and my mind are in battle.




It has almost been a week, five days to be exact since I have reached London. Andrew was planning to stay here till my college opened but had to go since dad wanted him to attend another meeting.


So here I was alone in my apartment, sitting by the window looking at the beautiful city, I once lived in. Coming back here brought back lots of memories of my childhood. I remember how I used to run all around the house with my granddad on my heels and then finally when we used to get tired, we used to sit in our farm with my brother and grandma and watch the sunset. We didn’t exactly live in London; it was like an hour drive from London to our home.


How quickly the time flies, only twelve years ago I used to live with my grandparents at their farmhouse and to be honest I loved that life. It was so quiet and peaceful back then. But soon my grandparents died in a car accident and we shifted to L.A.


I remember the day on my grandparents died. We were coming back from the market. We had gone to purchase gift for my brother which was after three days and it was my plan to give him surprise. So we had left him back in the house and we to purchase stuffs for his birthday. On our way back, I looked out of the window and saw the sun setting down the hills and even though I used to watch the sunset every day, there was something different about that particular sunset. It was extremely beautiful and I wanted my grandparents to even see it. So told my granddad to look out at the sun which he did and that is when the hell broke loose. The truck that was in front of us suddenly applied breaks and since my granddad was looking outside he didn’t see that and we crashed with the truck. The last thing I heard was my grand mom shouting to look out but it was too late because there was nothing anyone could have done.


When I gained back my consciousness I was in hospital and since I was in the back of the car, I survived. I just had a few injuries but apart from that I was fine. As soon as I realised what had happened I straight away jumped out of my bed and ran to the room where my grandparents were. I was able to hear people shouting behind me to come back but all I wanted was to see my grandmom’s smile and hear my granddad’s laughter. But as I entered the room I saw the most horrible thing of my life which haunts me even now. There laid my grandparents on two hospital beds and there were too still and even though I was a kid I could make sense of what exactly was happening. But inspite of knowing that they were gone.... dead.... I ran to their beds and begged them to wake up. tears flowed down my face and I screamed and shouted at top of my lungs and asked them to wake up.  It was as if I lost everything and I actually did and it was all my fault... If I hadn’t asked him to look out, if I hadn’t.... if only....


I suddenly heard the sound of my microwave and realised that I had spaced out, I came face to face with my own reflection in the window and saw streams of tears on my face. I quickly wiped the tears from my face and walked towards my kitchen.



Even though it had been twelve years since that accident, there is not even single day when I don’t think about it. I don’t show it but I think about my grandparents everyday and even though people told me that it wasn’t my fault, that it was just an accident but I know that they just say that to comfort me cause it was my fault and I blame myself for their death even after twelve years.


I took out my sandwich out of the microwave, I looked at my clock; it read 10:00 am. I looked outside and it was a pleasant day so, I decided that now I should finally go out and explore London. Since last four days it has been raining like anything, so going out was not an option at all and in fact, I was happy that it was raining as I got time to arrange my apartment. Even though there was nothing much to arrange, since it is fully furnished, so all I had to do was to keep my clothes in wardrobe and arrange books properly on shelf.


I picked up my phone which was lying on my counter and decided to call Sarah but as I was scrolling down my contacts I suddenly stopped. CRAP..... I saw Harry’s name and realised that I hadn’t messaged him my new number. Why didn’t I realise that earlier? Since I got here I have been so busy with arranging my stuff and then dropping Andrew at the airport that I completely forgot about Harry. I quickly send him my number and apologised for not sending it earlier.


I left my phone at the counter, quickly ate my sandwich and went to my room to change. I opened my wardrobe and took out the first thing that saw, which turned out to be this ( ) and decided not to tie my hair. I picked my bag and my phone and walked out of my house. I thought that it would be fun to walk since I will be able to see more stuff so I did not take my car. I went in the elevator and pressed the ground floor button. As soon as the lift doors opened, I walked out and was greeted by our doorman as I left the building.


The weather was warm but cool wind was blowing. So I pulled my beanie down and wore my shades. As I walked in the streets of London, I saw quite amusing things and most important of all I saw Starbuck. So, I quickly crossed the road and went in, ordered for my coffee and waited while my order was being prepared. As my order was done, I quickly paid and walked towards the door.


As soon as I stepped out of the shop, I nearly bumped into someone but was saved at the person before my quickly backed away. A smile crept up my face as I remembered this was how I first met Harry. I looked up to apologise but couldn’t get even a single syllable out of my mouth as I saw the person standing in front of me.


It was Harry.


And he was just standing there as speechless as me.


“Fancy meeting you here, Styles.” I said with a smile on my face.


“Fancy meeting me here? Huh!” He scoffed.


“Where have you been for these four days? I called on your phone and it said that the number does not exist. What the hell, Anna.  You should have informed me if you changed your number. One single message. That is all it would have taken to tell me that your number is changed. Why didn’t you inform me?” He said angrily and I could clearly see his face turning red and it almost made me smile but I controlled it as I knew he would just get more pissed.


“I am sorry Harry. I have been busy with arranging the stuff at my apartment and as soon as I realised that I hadn’t told you about you my new number, I texted you which was just this morning.” I said, hoping he would just understand and not get angry.


“Text me this morning? Whom are you kidding Anna? I received no text from you. None” He was still angry at me. But now even I was pissed, I did text him and it is his fault that he didn’t see my message.


“I swear to God that I texted you this morning Harry. Wait I will show you the proof.”


I quickly drew my phone out of my pocket and unlocked it. I went to my messages and opened the one that I had sent to him and without even looking at the message I showed him my phone.


“See, I messaged you and I am not lying.” I said as if it was a fact.


“You should really go and get an eye check-up. It says that failure in sending message.” He glared at me.


“What? No. I..I.. Shit.” I looked at my phone and realised that Harry was not lying. The message never reached him. You are such a genius Anna, you should have checked it. I cursed myself as I started turning red from embarrassment for being such a dumb person.


Then suddenly I heard someone laughing and when I looked up, I saw it was Harry. I had never heard him laugh like that, in fact I had never seen anyone laugh life that. It was so pure, so innocent and he looked like a little kid laughing with his head back and clutching his stomach. Even though I was embarrassed at myself but if me being dumb could make him laugh like that then I would gladly be a stupid person for my whole life with no regrets.


Shit... Did I just say that? Am I falling for him? No I couldn’t.... I won’t fall for him... or for anyone....


But as I saw him laugh I couldn’t stop the warm feeling that crawled up to my heart. What was it? I have seen many people laugh most of them were fake but Harry’s laughter, was real and to be honest, there was something about him that made me want to always stay with him.


“Are you done laughing because I am leaving while you continue laughing like a crazy person.” I said. Even though it felt nice to hear him laugh but it won’t change the fact that he was laughing at my dumbness and that is absolutely offensive.


“Ok.. Ok... sorry.... I won’t laugh anymore.”  He said trying to control his laughter as he quickly wiped the tears that had formed near the end of his eyes.


“So now that I have entertained you and most probably made your day by making a fool out of me. I would leave you to whatever you were doing. Bye.” With that I started walking away from me. I was out to explore London and not to chat with a guy. Well not just any guy. He is in one direction for crying out loud. Although I wonder how fame hadn’t ruined him. I mean he is still happy-to-go kind of guy and if you don’t know him then you will never be able to realise that he is actually a pop star sensation.


“Anna, wait!!! Gosh you walk too quickly.” He said from behind me as he tried to catch-up with me.


“No you walk too slowly.” I said as I stopped and turned around to face him. The truth was that even though my heart was dying to be with him, I was trying to be as far from him as possible because that is what my mind is telling me and usually under such circumstance I prefer going with my mind and not my heart because I know that my heart is not strong enough to take correct decisions.


“You forgot something.” He said with a playful smile on his face while tried to search in my brain about what I forgot but I couldn’t come up with anything. So I stared blankly at him.


“Your number.” He said and could see how hard he was trying to control his laughter. Jesus, this guy really knows how to get on my nerves.


“Give me your phone.” I said as I put my hand in front of me, waiting for him to hand me his phone. He started unlocking his phone but then looked at me and turned around to hide his password like a kid trying to hide his favourite toy.


Seriously!!!!! He actually thinks that I want to see his bloody password. What the hell???


“Here take it and if you have seen my password, I just want to let you know that I will change it as soon as possible. So you will never be able to get access to my phone.” I said as I typed my number and saved it in his contacts.


“Here, take your beloved phone and for your information I am not at all interested in your phone or it password so whether you change it or not it simply won’t affect me.” I said as I handed him his phone back. He in many ways is like my brother who simple act way to immature than what is suitable for his age.


 “By the way where are you headed to?” He asked.


“Well, since my college is starting from next week, I thought that it would be fun to explore London. So I was just randomly looking at shops and you know what I mean.” I said absentmindedly, not even realising he would do what he did the next moment.


“Very well then... Exploring London you say... I am sure that you need a guide for that and I don’t think that you will find any guide better that me. So, for toady I am officially going to be your tour guide.” He said smiling and looking at me with those emerald green eyes.


It just made me wonder that whether he really is in a boyband or not? As far as I know that One Direction is currently one of the biggest boybands in the world. So then why doesn’t he have any work? Why is he wasting an entire day with me?


As I was thinking of some reason to say no, he caught my hand and started pulling me.


“Come on, Anna. There are lots of place here that really fascinating. So you have got to move faster.”


Really?? Lots of fascinating places... As if I had no clue... Huh!!! As I walked behind him because he was still pulling me, I wondered why was he so enthusiastic about this tour guide thing?? Anyway exploring together would be a lot more fun that doing it all alone.



I have no clue how the whole day passed by. I never had so much fun since ages and we laughed so much that there came a time when my cheeks started hurting. I lost the number of ice-creams we had and neither do I remember the number of times we ran away from his fans. And right now we are sitting at the roof of a building, looking at the city as the sun sets.


“Wow, it already evening. I don’t seem to realise how quickly the time flies when I am with you?” Harry whispered in my ear. I slightly nodded my head as wasn’t able to speak since my mouth was full of popcorns. Even I don’t know how the day went by. Its as if one moment go we were in front of Starbucks and now its sunset. He suddenly got up, breaking the track of my thoughts and gave me his hand.


“Let’s get you home now.” He said.


I quickly got up and we started walking towards my apartment. It was not a long walk and within ten minutes we were standing in front of my building.


“Thanks Harry. I really enjoyed it. I never thought that you would be such an entertainer.” I meant to say it in a sarcastic manner but I was surprised at my sincerity. I actually meant it. I really enjoyed the day and now I wasn’t ready to let him go. I wanted to ask him to stay but I didn’t. Don’t even bother asking, why.


“Glad that you enjoyed, love” With that he bent forward and place a soft kiss on my cheek, which left a lingering sensation. All that I was able to do was to blush and I saw a smile creep upon his face.


“You look to cute when you blush.”He smirked at me.


“I am not blushing. It’s just the cold air.” I tried to defend myself.


“As you wish.” He said raising his hand in surrender but I could see a playful smile on his face.


“Good bye Harry.”


“Good bye, Anna and have a good night.”


“You too.” With that I turned around and started walking towards my building.


My hand automatically went to touch the place on my cheek where he kissed me. It felt warm. I looked around and saw him still standing there and I quickly waved. When it came to Harry I was clueless. It’s as if my heart and my mind are in battle. One wants to fall in love with him but the other just reminds about what happened the last time I fell in love.


I reached my apartment,  opened my door and went straight to my bedroom. Even though today was totally fun but it was equally tiring. So I just crashed on my bed not even bothering to change or remove my boots and soon I drifted in my dream world. 



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