Life Makes Love Look Hard

" LOVE sometimes comes as a DREAM and leaves like a NIGHTMARE" - Unknown

Annabell, a girl who loves her life, enjoys every moment of it and never misses even a single opportunity of having fun. She has everything and wants nothing from her life. But, no one can be perfect, everyone is scarred and so is Anna. She has trust issues, some secrets from her past that she wants to keep buried.

Harry, part of the biggest boy band “ONE DIRECTION”. He has a great family and four amazing people as his best mates. He has everything but still he feels as if there is a missing piece in his life and is desperate to find it.

But then Harry meets Anna. She teaches him what living is for and helps him to find the missing piece of his life. But will Anna be able to trust Harry? Will she be able to let go of her past?

Just when Harry starts thinking that nothing could possibly go wrong, that’s exactly when things start to fall apart.

Will this be just an another fling or a beginning of an epic love?


6. How come she's so afraid of fallin' in love?


​​​{HARRY’s POV}

As she walked away from me, all I did was just to stand there and watch her leave. Even when she was walking away, she looked perfect, like an angel. She was walking quickly, her long legs letting her take long strides and in few seconds she was out of my sight.

I have heard people say that you can fall in love at first sight but I never believed them until now, until I met Anna. Honestly, I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her the first time. She looked so beautiful, so pure without any make up on. Her black curls falling downing her shoulders, her eyes could make you melt and her smile, you could die for.

But she left me alone. She was the girl I was waiting for and she rejected me without even thinking once.

Even though I was rejected, I still had hope. I don’t know why. Although my mind is telling me that it is over, you will never get her but my heart was not accepting the fact that it’s over. It kept telling me that there is still a chance to meet her again and fix things. I had no clue how I am going to meet her but I have a gut feeling that kept me telling that I will have one more chance.

I felt someone shake me and I realized that I had closed my eyes thinking about her. I quickly opened my eyes and saw Niall’s face.

“HARRY EDWARD STYLES!!! Wake up!! How can you fall asleep in the middle of an airport while you are standing?” He yelled at me. Seriously!! He thinks that I fell asleep?

“The same way you can keep stuffing food in your mouth like there is no tomorrow.” I mumbled.

“Harry, Niall, come on.. We have to get going. It already took us ten minutes to find Harry. Let’s go, we are getting late.” Liam said walking away from us.

“Wow, you are amazing mate. How can you sleep while standing? You have got to teach me.” Louis said walking beside me as Niall and Liam walked ahead us. These people can't seriously think that I was sleeping. But then they are my friends so, anything is possible. Since I didn't see Zayn anywhere, I realised that he was with our bags.

“Is that coffee on your jacket? Anyways whose jacket is that?” Louis asked pointing at my jacket and then at Anna’s. That’s when I realized that I was still having her jacket. I gripped it tighter in my hands as if my life depended on it. Atleast, I had something of hers.

“Yup, that’s coffee on my jacket and this is jacket of the girl who spilled coffee on me.” I said. 

​​​​​“Hmm... Harry has a girl’s jacket.” Louis cooed.

“Stop worrying your little mind for me Louis and pick up your bag.” I said picking up my bag as we reached where Zayn was standing along with our luggage.

We quickly made our way to where the bus was waiting for us. We climbed on the second bus and took seats. I still had Anna’s jacket in my hand. I wondered when I would meet her again and fix things with her. Am I ever even going to meet her?

As the bus reached the plane, we climbed out and took the stairs of the plane. I took out my ticket and searched for my seat. I found it, quickly kept my stuff in the locker above and sat down. I looked around to see where the others were and saw that Liam and Zayn were sitting in front of me while Louis and Niall were sitting beside them. Guess I will have to sit with a stranger then. To be honest I am happy that I don’t have to sit with any of them because right now three out of four would have whined about their girlfriends for the whole journey while Niall would have whined about food and I am not in a mood to listen to anyone whine.

I took a newspaper that was kept there and opened it. I wasn't even reading it; I was just hiding from anyone who could recognise me. I wasn't in a very chatty mood. All my mind did was to think about Anna. I couldn't get her out of my mind. I wanted to see her again. As I was just staring at the paper I realised someone sat beside me, but I didn't even bothered to look up. I didn't want to start any conversation with anyone.

“I have no clue about what you are reading or I must say whom you are hiding from but you are supposed to fasten your seat belt. The flight is about to take off.” The girl sitting beside me said. I hadn't noticed the symbol of seat belt lit until she mentioned it to me. I quickly fastened my seat belt and looked up to thank the girl but as I looked at the girl sitting beside me I froze.

It was Anna......

I was speechless as I once again met her gaze. I stared back because that was all I was able to do but as the plane started running on the runway she looked out of the window and I looked in the other direction.

I was scared. I don’t know why?

​I should be happy that I met her again, right? I mean this is what I was waiting for..... One chance..... To fix everything between us. I have fourteen hours..... Anything can be done in fourteen hours... 

​But I was afraid of her rejecting me again? Will I be able to take that? Then I looked at her and again as I was mesmerised by her beauty I realised that she is worth a shot. Hell... she is worth of as many shots it would take to get her.

The seat belt sign dimmed and I quickly unfastened my seat belt and looked at Anna again, only to see her peeking through her hair and then quickly turning her head away. She looked so beautiful. How can someone be so perfect?

It has been one hour since we have boarded this plane. I looked at the other guys and they have all fallen asleep. Even I tried to fall asleep but I just couldn't  I just kept thinking about the person beside me. She hasn't said a single word and has been staring out of the window all this time. I was getting really frustrated. I wanted her to say something.... I wanted to say something but couldn't come up with anything. What am I supposed to say? I have got no clue.

I again looked at her just to find her sleeping; her head was resting against the window and the sun-rays falling on her, making her hair shine. Her beauty is breathtaking.

I thought that I should make her sleep in a better position but I was afraid to touch her. I was afraid that she would wake up and I didn't want that. She looked so peaceful, so, I let her sleep. I plugged in my headphones, rested my head on the seat and slowly drifted to sleep.

I felt someone shake me. I opened my eyes but closed them again. It was too bright.

“Mr. Styles, what would you like to take? Vegetarian or no-vegetarian?” the flight attendant asked me. I finally opened my eyes and saw her blushing. That is what every girl who meets me does. That like me because I am famous not because I am Harry but Anna... she has a complete different story. She has no clue who I am and neither my charm affects her. She talks to me like she would to any other person. It makes me feel normal, as if I am Harry Styles that I was three years ago. I heard someone cough and realised that the attendant was waiting for my reply.

“Non-veg, please.” I quickly replied. 

​​​​​“There you go.” She said giving me my tray.

“And for the lady?” she said eyeing Anna.

“Umm... I don’t know. I will just wake her up.” I replied.

I hesitated at first to touch her but I had to wake her up. I shook her shoulder gently. She groaned and pushed my hand way. I said that the food was here. She opened her eyes and then closed them again just like I did. That made me smile. Then she finally opened her eyes and started rubbing her neck.

“Anna, the dinner is here. What do you want veg or non-veg?” I asked.

“Umm... I am vegetarian.” She mumbled, still in sleep. She was vegetarian? Now that is something that you don't get to see everyday.

The attendant quickly hand me the plate and moved ahead. She took the plate from me and kept it in front of her. I started unpacking my food. I was too hungry.

“I am sorry, Harry.” She mumbled.

I was shocked. I was expecting that she would just stare at the window for the whole time and not speak even a single word to me and even if she would, then it would most probably hi or something like that. But an apology.... totally unexpected. I looked at her to make sure that she was serious and not fooling me around.

As I looked into her eyes, I could clearly see the guilt.

“I forgive you.” I said with a small smile. 
“You w-what? You forgave me? So easily?” She asked clearly shocked. I guess she was not hoping to get forgiven so easily as I was not expecting to hear an apology.

“Yup. I forgive you.” I replied and was so surprised at my sincerity.


“Because I am very generous." 

“What I mean to say is that you might have rejected me once but you won't be able to do that again. You see, I'm irresistible." I couldn't help but smirk at the last part.

"Really??" She asked raising her eyebrow and I simply nodded. 

"We will see, how irresistible you are, Harry." 

"Soooo... Lets start fresh." I said.

"I'm Harry." I smiled and brought my hand in front of

"Anna." She said as she shook my hand, her skin felt too soft against mine.

" So, Anna, would you like be my friend?” I grinned.

“It would be my pleasure.” She replied with a huge smile on her face, showing her perfect, white teeth. 

​There was only one thing which I was trying to figure out. ​​​​
She is so beautiful, almost has everything, then how come she is so afraid of falling in love?


Sorry if this chapter seems to be boring...... :(

 I am soon going to make it interesting.....:)



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