Just Friends

"So," I smiled as I sat at the cafeteria table, in front of the new kid, Niall. I set my tray of food on the table. "have you made any friends yet?" He nodded. "That's good." I said picking up my apple and taking a bite out of it.
"What's his name?" I continued the conversation.
"He's coming to eat with us." He said, "You'll see."
I frowned confused, okay...
"Oh! There he is!" Niall said gesturing to a guy coming towards us. I turned around but as soon as I saw who it was I flashed my head back towards Niall.
"You're kidding me right?" I one hand on my forehead staring at the table. "Niall, you can't be friends with him he's-"
I was cut off by the guy sitting beside me on the bench of the table. "trouble." I finished under my breath as he and Niall did some kind of handshake.
"Hey there Brooke, haven't seen you in awhile." He winked at me.
"Hello Zayn..." I said coldly as I inched away from him on the bench.


5. RESULTS! (contest)


Helloooo :-)

So firstly, the first day of the contest, I hated myself because I didn’t understand why I even started it knowing I wouldn’t have a clue who to choose, you all seem SO amazing! And I didn’t want to disappoint anyone…I just wanted to say I love your confidence! Everyone one of you told me about yourselves with confidence and I loved it.

I did not expect to get so many entries, seriously. I screenshoted them all and put them on a Word document to look over them all, again and again. (The document was of many pages I must say).

But one of them did stand out (to me). I just thought this person would fit in my story and I kept replaying what they’d written in my head until I realized I had to pick them!

**You all stood out in your own ways, don’t get me wrong


So the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

You’re waiting for me to say it aren’t you?

Ok I’m annoying.

But seriously, I am so sorry to those who weren’t picked, it’s definitely not because you were not good enough or anything like that. Please don’t bail on my story because I didn’t pick you, I’m sorry!

Don’t hate me:(

I have to say my final two had very similar names (so you’ll recognize yourself miss #2). The person who won out of you two did have a little bit of an edge because they have been supporting me since the beginning with comments, etc. (And I did say it had an advantage).

Sooooo, congratulations Kaylee! Xxx

(You’re the only Kaylee who commented, so YES it is you!)


I’d like to say thank you all so much also for your lovely comments and such as well, they made me smile :-)


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