Just Friends

"So," I smiled as I sat at the cafeteria table, in front of the new kid, Niall. I set my tray of food on the table. "have you made any friends yet?" He nodded. "That's good." I said picking up my apple and taking a bite out of it.
"What's his name?" I continued the conversation.
"He's coming to eat with us." He said, "You'll see."
I frowned confused, okay...
"Oh! There he is!" Niall said gesturing to a guy coming towards us. I turned around but as soon as I saw who it was I flashed my head back towards Niall.
"You're kidding me right?" I one hand on my forehead staring at the table. "Niall, you can't be friends with him he's-"
I was cut off by the guy sitting beside me on the bench of the table. "trouble." I finished under my breath as he and Niall did some kind of handshake.
"Hey there Brooke, haven't seen you in awhile." He winked at me.
"Hello Zayn..." I said coldly as I inched away from him on the bench.


11. (9) Bridesmaid

As me and Niall stepped out of the car, I quickly took his hand in mine and walked away from my parents. It was my cousin, Jessica’s wedding. She was the cousin I was closest to. (The wedding was outside).

As we walked around, examining the decor. I suddenly came across my uncle. “Hello Brooke.” He smiled.

I smiled back. “Hi uncle Andy.” I heard Niall clear his throat beside me. “Oh um this is Niall, my boyfriend.” He squeezed my hand.

“Lovely meeting you, Niall.” He said shaking his hand.

“Same for you, sir.”

“Brooke would you like to see Jessica?” My uncle asked. I turned towards Niall as if to ask if he wanted to. “Alone.” I frowned. “I mean she’s getting ready.” He added.

“Um,” I began, “I’d love to.” I couldn’t say no, she was my cousin. “Andy would you mind introducing Niall to the guys?”

He nodded gesturing Niall to follow him. “Here Niall this is Matthew, one of Brooke’s cousins and here is…” His voice got lost in the crowd and I entered the house.

“Jessica!” I shouted running into her arms as I walked into her room.

“Brooke!” She exclaimed, wrapping her arms around me.

“Congratulations! You look fantastic.” I said. She smiled.

“Thanks.” She was about to add something but stopped herself. I frowned. “I was a bit disappointed when your mum told me that you didn’t want to be one of my bridesmaids…” She said softly.

My eyes widened. “What? Jess, she never told me about that! I didn’t even know you wanted me to be-”

She pursed her lips. “That’s what I thought.” She knew how my parents were, and they probably thought I’d ruin the wedding by being stood up near my cousin. “But I want you up there with me.”

I bit the inside of my cheek. “Isn’t it too late? I-”

“No!” she cried. “I’m one short…” She trailed off.

I frowned. “How come?”

“Well, one of my so called friends ditched me. We had a huge argument this morning and she stormed off.”

I put a hand on her shoulder. “Aw, Jess..”

“It’s fine, I’m better than that.” She shrugged it off. I always loved that about her. She was so strong.

“The dress is over there.” She gestured to a closed suit bag. “I’m sure it’ll fit you perfectly.”

“Thanks.” I smiled. I walked over to it and slipped it on. It was beautiful. A light aqua with little jewels all over the chest. “What about shoes?” I questioned.

“It’s silver sparkly heels.” She said scanning the room. “They should be… over in there.” She pointed towards a walk in closet.

I walked towards it. “What size are you?” She asked, looking at herself in the mirror.

“Um, size 8.”

“Perfect.” She smiled getting up.

I slipped them on and admired myself in the mirror. “You look beautiful.” She said from behind me. I smiled flicking my hair off my shoulder.

She sighed. “I just have to put my dress on now, I’ll see you in a bit.” She said. I nodded and quietly walked out. 

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