Just Friends

"So," I smiled as I sat at the cafeteria table, in front of the new kid, Niall. I set my tray of food on the table. "have you made any friends yet?" He nodded. "That's good." I said picking up my apple and taking a bite out of it.
"What's his name?" I continued the conversation.
"He's coming to eat with us." He said, "You'll see."
I frowned confused, okay...
"Oh! There he is!" Niall said gesturing to a guy coming towards us. I turned around but as soon as I saw who it was I flashed my head back towards Niall.
"You're kidding me right?" I one hand on my forehead staring at the table. "Niall, you can't be friends with him he's-"
I was cut off by the guy sitting beside me on the bench of the table. "trouble." I finished under my breath as he and Niall did some kind of handshake.
"Hey there Brooke, haven't seen you in awhile." He winked at me.
"Hello Zayn..." I said coldly as I inched away from him on the bench.


7. (5) What’s This One Mean?

Thursday (the story started on Monday)

Me and Niall had no classes together today, but we ate lunch together. “Hey Niall” I said sitting across from him at the table.

“Hey.” He smiled.

“So, make any friends?” I asked taking a bite out of my food. I’d ask him everyday, and each day I’d get the same answer.

“Not yet.” He smiled timidly.

I ruffled his hair.

“Is anyone giving you a hard time?”

He shook his head quickly. “No!”

I sat back down smiling at him.

“I was thinking..” He started, poking at his food.


“Did you want to come over after school? We could do homework and mess around, I don’t know.” He bit his lip.

I smiled. “Sure.”

A smile spread across his face. He was such a cutie pie.


The day ended and I walked back to my locker. I started shoving books into my bag when I felt a poke on my shoulder. I turned my head back and saw Niall standing there with his bang slung over one shoulder.

“Hey.” I mumbled, concentrating back on my agenda, reading my notes on the homework we had and making sure I had everything.

“Usually you’re gone at this time.” He pointed out, looking at his watch.

“Yup. But usually I don’t have to make sure I’m bringing the right books home to actually do my work.” I joked.

He chuckled. “Come on, I’m sure you’ve got everything.” He said helping me up. I shut my locker and we walked out of school.

When we got out, we waited to cross the street as a motorcyclist zoomed by. I winced, realizing who it was. The lens on his helmet wasn’t put down so I could clearly see his face.

“Oh yeah, he’s in my history class.” Niall said.

I looked up at him. “Oh yeah?”

He nodded. “You know him?”

My mouth opened and closed. “No.” I lied.

“You want to know him?” He winked, nudging me.

My jaw dropped. “No! Niall!” He had obviously taken my staring at the guy the wrong way.

He chuckled stuffing his hands in his pockets as we crossed the street.

“How do you get home?” I asked.

“Motorcycle.” He joked. “I know you like motorcyclists.” He nudged me again.

“Niall.” I growled.

He threw his head back in laughter. What he didn’t know is that guy was my ex-bestfriend.

I wanted to ask Niall about him, but I feared he’d take it in the wrong way again.

“I take my car.” He finally said, recovering from his laughter. I nodded. We got to his car and I immediately went shotgun.


“You want to know his name?” He continued teasing me as we drove. I rolled my eyes, grabbing his phone off the armrest between us. He eyed me from the corner of his eye as he drove.

“No.” I muttered as I unlocked his phone and scrolled through his contacts.


“Aw there’s a smiley face beside my name!” I gushed, changing the subject.

He blushed.


I was sprawled across his bed and he was at his desk, both of us working. Finally I propped myself up on one elbow and threw my pencil at the back of his head shouting “I’M DONE!” He laughed turning around.

“Me too.” He chuckled getting up from his seat and walking towards me. He took a seat on the bed so I automatically sat up.

“I’ve noticed you have a few tattoos.” He said picking my arm off the bed and turning it, examining my ink.

I nodded biting my lip.

“Do they all have meanings?”

“Yeah.” I said quietly.

Please don’t ask me about the quote. Please. Pleaseeee.

“What’s this one mean?” He said pointing at, of course, the quote.

“It’s uh,” I swallowed the lump in my throat. “a quote.” He rolled his eyes.

“Yeah I figured that one out.” He traced the letters with his finger. “What’s it about? It looks… incomplete.” He said staring deeply at it.

“It’s because someone else has the rest of it.” I managed to squeak out.

His eyes finally met mine. “Who?!” He asked curiously, frowning.

“Um,” I took some of his sheets between my fingers and fiddled with them. “Someone who used to be my bestfriend.” I finally said, but nothing more. He sensed that I didn’t want to go any further so he stopped his questions.

“Oh.” He said nodding softly. “What’s the other quote say?” He finally broke the silence.

Knowing that that person was in his class, and that he might notice it, it was too risky. “Uh, I can’t remember it was a long time ago.” I shrugged.

He frowned but dropped the subject anyways.

I lay my head back down on his bed and let my thoughts go wild. I wonder if he got his tattoo removed…

“Do you want to stay for dinner?” Niall asked pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Oh, no. My mom wants me back before. Thanks.” I lied. 

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