Just Friends

"So," I smiled as I sat at the cafeteria table, in front of the new kid, Niall. I set my tray of food on the table. "have you made any friends yet?" He nodded. "That's good." I said picking up my apple and taking a bite out of it.
"What's his name?" I continued the conversation.
"He's coming to eat with us." He said, "You'll see."
I frowned confused, okay...
"Oh! There he is!" Niall said gesturing to a guy coming towards us. I turned around but as soon as I saw who it was I flashed my head back towards Niall.
"You're kidding me right?" I one hand on my forehead staring at the table. "Niall, you can't be friends with him he's-"
I was cut off by the guy sitting beside me on the bench of the table. "trouble." I finished under my breath as he and Niall did some kind of handshake.
"Hey there Brooke, haven't seen you in awhile." He winked at me.
"Hello Zayn..." I said coldly as I inched away from him on the bench.


24. (21) Class

I covered my face with one hand and groaned. He is fucking unbelievable. I kept walking towards my next class, pushed through the door and walked straight to the back and dropped my bag on my desk before kicking my chair out of under the table and plopping down onto it. The girl beside me tensed and moved away a bit. I raised an eyebrow at her and rolled my eyes. Whatever. Please yourself I don’t want to be near you either.

I took a deep breath and shoved my hand into my bag searching for my earphones. I plucked my phone out of the front pocket and connected the ear buds. I put them in my ears, shutting out the world and letting myself finally breathe. Nothing could bother me right now. I pretended to pay attention to the class that was being given while in the mean time I was thinking about everything and nothing. I kinda want a nose piercing. I’ll have to get a job so I can get money. I mean I have some but if I keep spending I’ll run out.

It’s settled. I’m getting one. I mean I already have a belly button one and I like it. Maybe I should add a few ear piercings too. Don’t want to lose the bad girl look. My eyes travelled down to the tattoo on my forearm. When everything else is gone. It read. I let out a bitter laugh. How accurate. I bent over and fluffed my hair a little before cupping it into a messy ponytail. I sat back up and as I was tying the hair band I heard the teacher call my name.


My eyes met his. “Yeah?” I pulled an earphone out of one of my ears.

“Did you hear anything I said?”

I looked around at all the faces staring at me. “No?”

He sighed. “Everyone has given me their names in groups for a project. Who would you like to be with?”


He overlooked the list again. “Oh, there seems to be only one person left.”

My eyes widened.

“It’s settled, you’re with..” He frowned adjusting his glasses on the bridge of his nose. “Zayn Malik.”

“No way in hell.” I shot back.

“Brooke.” He warned.

“Is there a way to do this project alone?”



He overlooked the list one last time. “I guess so.” He turned his clipboard towards his chest and crossed his arms over it. “Seems like Zayn will have to join another team or be on his own as well.”

I scanned the classroom. He didn’t even bother to show up. Wow.

Why do we even have a project? Isn’t it break next week?

“So class, this is the work you will have to give in as your assignment for the finals.” He reminded us. Oh. Right.

And camping is next.



I haven’t been updating so much bc school. Sorry :/ & useless filler ik 

Anyways I just wanted to say the more feedback I get the faster I update, it’s more encouraging if you could say. Idk.

Also do you guys think it would be a good idea to publish this +my other story on wattpad? I use it way more. (It won’t affect my updating unless I get more feedback there). Just a general question. Tell me what you think.

ily all x

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