Just Friends

"So," I smiled as I sat at the cafeteria table, in front of the new kid, Niall. I set my tray of food on the table. "have you made any friends yet?" He nodded. "That's good." I said picking up my apple and taking a bite out of it.
"What's his name?" I continued the conversation.
"He's coming to eat with us." He said, "You'll see."
I frowned confused, okay...
"Oh! There he is!" Niall said gesturing to a guy coming towards us. I turned around but as soon as I saw who it was I flashed my head back towards Niall.
"You're kidding me right?" I one hand on my forehead staring at the table. "Niall, you can't be friends with him he's-"
I was cut off by the guy sitting beside me on the bench of the table. "trouble." I finished under my breath as he and Niall did some kind of handshake.
"Hey there Brooke, haven't seen you in awhile." He winked at me.
"Hello Zayn..." I said coldly as I inched away from him on the bench.


1. (1) The Tube

This is what Brooke looks like: 

Now its story time :) 


My eyes fluttered open. I hesitated on whether I should hit snooze on my alarm again or finally get up to go to class. I mean, I’m already late…

Screw it I’ll just get up and get it over with.

I threw on some clothes and skipped down the stairs into the kitchen where my parents were having breakfast. My dad looked up from his newspaper. “You’re late for school Brooke.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Do you want me to drive you to school?” My mom asked sweetly as she was stuffing her things in her purse on the way out. She was wearing a knee long skirt with a blouse and a blazer all pastel colors. My parents were so… like… perfect. But not in the way that they were cool, good, or that I liked them. Rather in the way that their clothes were always perfect, my mom’s hair in a bun, my dad’s shirt and tie always matching and spotless, they were uptight. Yeah, that’s the word.

I didn’t like them if you could say the least. They were always about work. Never a care about anything with me, only school. Let’s just say they wanted a perfect daughter but to their misfortune, ended up with me.

I shook my head as I waved my tube pass in front of her.

“Oh.” She said nodding. She looked me up and down, probably disgusted at what I was wearing. I walked to the table where my dad sat with his breakfast and leaned over to the plate of toast. I grabbed a slice and stuffed it in my mouth as I grabbed my bag and swung it over one shoulder. I waved a quick goodbye to my parents and I was out the door. “Be home for dinner!” My mom called as the door was closing behind me.

“As if.” I muttered under my breath. I kicked a few rocks on the sidewalk as I walked to the bus stop. Soon enough a bus would pass to take me to the tube.


I stood in the tube holding on to the pole in the middle. Most people would probably be scared to take the tube alone, because of stories they’ve been told. Like girls getting taken away for prostitution, people getting their phones and other devices stolen, bla..bla..bla. Yeah okay, there were some creeps on the tube but you just had to ignore them.


>>Flashback 3 years ago.<<


I sat on a bench bopping my head to the music blasting through my headphones. I examined the lady sitting across from me, she was old and had red hair solving a crossword in the daily paper. In the far corner there was a man with a brief case looking stressed with time, I looked to my right and found a woman who looked like she was in her thirties, but she was small. I frowned when I saw the voodoo doll in her pocket. The hell? My eyes were wandering around over the posters on the walls to the trash on the floors until they landed on a guy standing near the doors across from me. He was about my age, black hair, brown eyes. He was attractive.. No Brooke, he’s probably trouble. I scanned his body a bit longer, noticing the ink he had on his arms and the blonde streak in his quiff. I closed my eyes knowing the ride was about 15 minutes to school. I woke up a few stops later, just to check if we were near mine. I looked out the window. Nope. The voodoo woman that sat next to me just a few minutes ago was gone, now replaced by the guy I said was attractive. I set an alarm on my phone to wake me up in 10 minutes seeing I’d be getting off in about that time. I closed my eyes again. I woke up in shock as my earphones were pulled out of my ears quickly and my phone was taken from my hands. The guy that was sitting next to me was now running away with them. Damn it Brooke. I got up and started to make a run for it, “HEY!” I said picking up speed. I made it out of the tube as the doors were closing. Oh were at my stop too, lovely. Never losing sight of him, I followed him until he thought he lost me. He looked around and I slammed him into the wall holding my forearm to his neck. “That’s mine you ass.” I spat grabbing my phone out of his hands. I stuffed it into my pocket and started to walk away.

“Hey! Wait up!” I heard him call after me. I rolled my eyes still walking. He finally caught up to me and I glared at him. “That’ll teach you a lesson.” He chuckled putting his hands up in defense.

“Piss off.”

“Look we go to the same school, and I just wanted to find a way to talk to you.”

“Doesn’t give you a reason to steel my stuff.” I growled.

He chuckled. “As I said, it’ll teach you a lesson. Anybody could’ve done it.”

“How do you even know we go to the same school?” I asked changing the subject.

“Well firstly,” He pointed to the binder peeking out of my bag. You could read Bradford Academy on the side.

I bit the inside of my cheek, oh. “And secondly?”

“Secondly?” He asked confused.

“Well you said firstly so I’m guessing there’s a secondly.” I rolled my eyes.

“You’re in a few of my classes.”

I crossed my arms and continued walking.

“So what’s your name?” He asked nicely.


He nodded. “Aren’t you gonna ask for mine?”

I frowned. “Nope.”

He chuckled. “I can tell we would get along just fine.”

I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not.

“Seriously though, my name’s-”


>>Present time<<

“Next stop Kingston University.” A voice through the speakers called flushing away my flashback. I took my hand of the pole and walked closer to the door. A few seconds later the doors opened and I walked out. There wasn’t much of a crowd since I was late, and everybody had already arrived at school, most likely. 

it IS a coincidence that both my covers are in black and white ** oops

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