WAIT. What am i thinking?

Obsession Buzz - a four-piece band set out to make it big, unaware that one unexpected trip out horse-riding would lead to meeting one of the worlds upcoming biggest boy bands of all time - One Direction, giving them a platform to take off from for both their careers and relationships.

An interpretation for a One Direction FanFic that spiraled into many different FanFic's within one. ENJOY.

P.S - I wrote this a couple of years ago so all description of events and what the boys look like will be dated. Also the OB characters are based on real people too.

Feel free to comment and tell me what you think (I won't be offended if you tell me it's rubbush!) ;) xx - Rach


4. Oh, you're in a band??

Louis' POV
"Correct me if i'm wrong. You're in a band?" I asked curiously. I was sure she had said 'band practice'. In fact i was certain.
"Yeah, thats right." Eva smiled to the ground.

"You dont sound overly confident."

"Theres nothing wrong with being in a band." Zayn stood up, towering over everyone.

"No, no, i know, but its not really working out. Everyone we meet tell us were good enough, but whenever we send out to recording labels they turn us down and tell us were too young." The tone in her voice made me want to go over and give her a big hug.

"Look take it from us, its not easy breaking into the music industry, we're just starting out." Zayn jumped up and down a little on the spot then jogged into the villa.
Eva hesitated a little. 

"So you're - " She pointed to me.

"Yeah, were in a band too, we've just come over here to see if we can build our profile. So far we've only released our first single, it went straight to number one in the U.K"
Eva had adopted a puzzled look upon on her face.

"Stereotypical boy band eh?" Harry joked. Its the first time he'd spoken in front of Eva all evening. I think he fancied her and lets face it who wouldnt, a charming young lady. Harry likes the girls.

"No, no, normally bands have at least one ugly member and as far as i can see, you don't unless you're hiding your sixth member!" Eva joked back. "Anyway, i really must go, AJ won't be pleased if i miss practice. Remus, come here." She got up out the chair and called her horse. The one i had seen swimming earlier. I'd never seen a horse swim before in my life. 

Harrys' POV
Eva got up and began walking towards the horse that was just stood where she had left it. Damn, i like the way she walks. I must have been staring because Niall gave me a shove in the side. 
"Well, lover boy, don't be stupid. Go get her number..." Niall pushed me forward, and laughed along with Louis. I looked round at Liam for support but he just looked back at me with innocent asking eyes. 

"Ok Ok Ok, im going." I took a deep breath and followed her.

"Would you like me to hold on to him while you get on?" It was a stupid question to ask really.
I took hold of the rope things. 

"Just be careful, he might-" The horse bit me. I insantly let go of him. 

"Bite..." Eva continued "Sorry, he's not the friendliest." I just smiled. "Is there anything i could do to make it up to you?" Eva said sincerely. It was the perfect oppurtunity to try out Liam's number one chat up line. 

"Well, you could make it up to me, by giving me your number" The lads behind me echoed in laughter.

Eva's POV 

I laughed at the typical pick up line. 

"Was that the best you could do?" I imagined Harry, mentally wincing at the akwardness. He glanced over his shoulder at the other boys who were on the floor with laughter. I could tell he was an amataur when it came to girls, so before anyone could get a word in, i asked for his phone. I thought i'd give him a better pick up line. I'd learnt a few from AJ, she jokes about them all the time. I laughed to myself.

"There's something wrong with your phone." Harry looked slightly suprised. 

"Huh?" He looked at his screen worriedly.

"It hasn't got my number in it." I breathed, taking the phone from his hand. 

"How come i didnt think of that one." Liams' voice echoed.

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