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Obsession Buzz - a four-piece band set out to make it big, unaware that one unexpected trip out horse-riding would lead to meeting one of the worlds upcoming biggest boy bands of all time - One Direction, giving them a platform to take off from for both their careers and relationships.

An interpretation for a One Direction FanFic that spiraled into many different FanFic's within one. ENJOY.

P.S - I wrote this a couple of years ago so all description of events and what the boys look like will be dated. Also the OB characters are based on real people too.

Feel free to comment and tell me what you think (I won't be offended if you tell me it's rubbush!) ;) xx - Rach


3. Oh, you're in a band?

Zayns' POV
Michelle started screaming and running towards the sea. 
"Louis c'mon Its Jake!" I shouted at Louis as i ran after Michelle. From where i was stood it appeared that a girl on a horse was bringing him back to shore. 
"Jake. Jake! Are you ok? What were you thinking? I told you not too!" She screamed. I looked at Louis. He was in total amazement. I don't think he'd ever seen a horse swim before. The slim built girl slid smoothly from the equine's back and lifted Jake off.  
"Louis take him inside" Michelle said to Louis, giving Jake a once over examination. The teenage girl handed Jake to Louis and watched him dissapear. 
"Thankyou" Michelle said. I put my arm around her shoulder to comfort her, but she stepped towards the girl. Michelle pulled her in to give her a hug. I could see that she was trying to get free from Michelle, but it wasnt happening. Michelles' hugs are pretty tight. Instead she patted her gently on the back. Once Michelle let go, the girl stepped back. 
"Anyone, would have done the same."  She said. Her horse placed its head on her shoulder and made the horsey sound that they make. "Anyway, i better get home, get dried, get changed." The girl said turning round. I knew exactly what was coming next. 
"Oh no! Please, please stay, At least until you dry off" Michelle might as well be Mrs Weasley from the Harry Potter books. I felt so sorry for the girl at this point, she was stood awkwardly not knowing what to say, she kept glancing between me and Michelle. I just smiled. "The boys won't mind, would you Zayn?" 
"Sure, theres some room for you two" I replied. She looked so innocent, to say she just saved Jakes' life. She agreed to stay for a while. 
"Zayn, go get her some dry clothes. Ask Rose for some." Michelle ordered. Rose was our stylist. But i didnt think she'd have any girls clothes, except her own of course. Never the less i went to look. 
The only things she could give me was a pair of cream skinny jeans and a white 'I heart NY' tee. Since it was cooling down outside, i grabbed a grey jacket off the kitchen side as i was passing. It could have been either Nialls' or Harrys', either way they wouldnt of minded. 
Eva's POV
It didnt take long before Zayn returned, however in the time he was gone, The lady had introduced herself to be Michelle, and had lectured me all about Jake and how much trouble he was. To be honest i didnt take any of it in. My brain capacity was full.
"Ahh, Zayn, Thanks. Now come with me and i'll show you where you can get changed."
 "Right, yeah Ok." Zayn handed the clothes to me and Michelle ushered me forward. As we approached the cottage, One of the boys sat at the camp fire looked up. His hair was unbelievably curly and his face was the sweetest face ever. He smiled at me, i felt my face turn slightly red, but smiled back. 
"Do you know, i can go if -" I started. 
"Noo! Don't be silly, you just saved my son's life, its the least we can do, just go through there, it should be empty. Zayn will wait here for when you're changed" Michelle smiled sweetly then dissapeared into a room behind her. 
"I won't be a minute" I said as i stepped into the room. Zayn replied with; 
"It's ok, take as long as you like." 
My clothes were so wet that when i took them off they weighed double their normal weight. Once i had changed, i noticed the mirror over in the corner. My hair was a mess and it was extremely frizzy. With no alternative, i pulled my long brunette hair into a messy bun. 
Zayns' POV 
When she came out of the dressing room, i was daydreaming - about the tour. 
"I left my other clothes in there is that OK?" She asked. 
"Yeah, Yeah, that's fine." As we were heading back outside to the rest of the boys, i realised that i didnt even know her name. 
"I'm Zayn by the way." She came across quite confident to say she didnt know us. 
"Evanna" I held open the glass door to let her through and to make sure she didnt do a Harry and walk right into it. 
"Thanks." She replied. I just smiled and led her across the soft sandy surface, in the dim sunlight, to the other guys. When we approached i noticed Harry straighten up and smile to himself. I had the feeling that he liked Evanna. 
"Hey guys, this is Evanna" 
"Please, just call me Eva-" Eva interupted politely. Liam stood up. I knew he was going to speak so i took the seat next to Harry - this way i could tease him.
Liams' POV
"Hey i'm Liam" I offered her my hand. "This is Niall-" Niall replied with a soft;
'Hi' I continued.
"Harry, Louis, you know Zayn" I pointed to each member and in turn they each gave a little smile or nod. "Please sit down-" Eva was stood kicking at the sand.
 I returned to my seat, but couldnt help notice Zayn whispering to Harry - Harry smiled to himself. Niall started hitting a few chords on his guitar whilst humming to himself and Louis was tapping away on his Blackberry. There were a few minutes silence untill Eva spoke. 
"So, you play guitar?" Everyone looked up at the sound of her voice tone. 
"Heeeh, yeah" Niall stopped humming. "You?"
Eva's POV
"Yeah, i haven't played much acoustic recently though" His blonde hair flowing in the gentle wind. He was actually gorgeous. "If you don't mind me asking, If i know my accents, are you from Ireland?" I asked. His accent was heavy. 
"Yeah, and by the sounds of it, you are too" Niall replied, with a cheeky grin. 
"Damn, you can tell? Ive been trying to shift the accent for years!" 
"Why? theres nothing wrong with being irish, i find the accent helps get the girls" I giggled to myself when he winked. 
"I get alot of tease from my mates. They say i fake the accent, because i lose it when i sing. I thought i'd finally mastered it." I emphasised the last words, then smiled and looked towards Louis who was stroking Harrys' hair. 
"You sing?" Liam sat forward and linked his hands together. 
"Uhm, yeah." I sat deeper in my seat. I wasnt nervous. I never had been. If anything i was over confident. 
Harrys' POV 
"Quit blushin'." Zayn nugded me in the side. 
"I'm not." I lied. She was pretty though. I couldnt hide the fact that i liked her, and i didnt want her to notice that i was having one of my bad hair days, so i took out my iphone and started to reply to some of my twitter mentions. Her voice was so irish. 
At that moment the silence was broken by a loud outburst of 'Never Say Never'. It was coming from Eva's direction. 
"Ahh" I caught eye contact with Eva. Even her eyes were beautiful. She didnt keep contact for as long as i would of liked though. I felt Zayn and Louis' staring at me, so i returned to my twitter mentions.
Liams' POV
I nodded at Eva, to assure her it was fine to answer the phone. Eva reached down and pulled out her mobile from in her sock. As soon as she answered the phone someone was screaming down the phone. 
"V'AS HAPPENIN'!" When the voice from the mobile spoke - or shall i say screamed? - Zayn, looked directly at the phone. He often said that. Eva had the mobile around 30 centimetres away from her ear, and had pulled a funny facial expression.
"Hey, AJ. Wazzup?"

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? BAND PRACTICE!" The voice as we now knew as AJ was still screaming. I looked between the boys. Harry was tapping away on his Iphone, Louis was grinning at Zayn, Niall was staring at Eva and Zayn was looking over Harrys' shoulder.

"Band practice? What, that wasn't until tommorow!" Eva, spoke with a soft tone. If someone like that was on the phone to me i'd be in stiches.


"Siriusly AJ? I thought i told Evan not to let you have anymore Monster? It goes to your head." The boys giggled alongside Eva, who was, still speaking with her soft tone.

"What? I haven't had any monster." I hesitated, i couldnt hold back the laughter anymore. "HAHAAAHA! Ok, Ok, you know me too well. Any way, back to the point. We need you to come practice with us. Tylers' hand isnt any better, so you're gonna have to play guitar." Tyler, who is an absolute nutter, sprained his wrist whilst doing one of his youtube videos. Fell off his unicycle or something.
"What? Does that mean i've got to play Acoustic and Electric, Again? You best save one of those Monsters' for me then." Eva's voice echoes through the studio. I had it on speaker.

"Hahaaa! Tyler stop it!" Tyler was throwing marshmellows at me. I should of had a bowl. That boy is absolutely hilarious at times, but all the same - annoying.

"Lemme, guess, Marshmallows?" Her accent was deep - Perfect opportunity to tease her.

"Potato!" I put on my best Irish accent, and i was proud of it. We loved teasing her about her irishness, and the thing is, she can take it as a joke.

Eva's POV
"Alice-Jane, wait. Is that Evan screaming like a girl in the background?" I could hear him screaming something. He was most likely being chased by Tyler. And Tyler was most likely trying to cover him in ketchup. He got me once. He got what he deserved back. Trust me, he might disagree though.
"Hey, don't call me that! and yes, he has a bottle of ketchup." If she ever took the mick' out of my accent i'd call her Alice-Jane. It works both ways really. Its how we work.

"Typical boys. Well, no, i take that back. Typical Tyler." I laughed. Up untill that point i'd completely forgot that i was still sat with the boys. I looked up towards Niall. He was leant really far back in his seat staring upwards.

"Anyway, AJ. Hey that rhymes! Look, i'll come round at Six kay?"

"Sure. We recorded the chorus to Burn It Up by the way. Just need your vocals' to polish it off. EVAN! TYLER! NOT NEAR THE MIC'. Sorry. Tyler-" There was a slight crunch as the phone was being put down on a surface. "Honestly, you boys might as well be five not eighteen! Sorry bout that Eva, anyway, i'll leave you to whatever you are doing. EEEWWWW! There's a Lizard in my sandwich!"

"There's a lizard. In your sandwich?" I exclaimed. 

"Ewww, yeah." AJ replied, cautiously. 

"Can't you just eat around it?" I heard some giggles from AJ's side of the phone.

"Oh yeah! Mom, says someone called Patrick Daim called, he wants us to go down to the Toydrive in town on saturday to do a gig." 

"AJ, Couldnt you wait to tell me this later?"
"No, i mean Yeah, Bye." She hung up on me. 

"Mental, that one." I said to myself. 

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